100 Little Known Ways to Boost Your Libido

Everyone knows that eating chocolate and wearing fancy lingerie can spice up your sex life, but there are a number of little known ways to make things more interesting that you may not have considered. Whether it's eating the right food, or just getting a handle on your stress level, there are many things you can do to get a better libido. Read on to learn about 100 of these solutions.

Lifestyle & Habits

Take a look at your everyday life to see if you're interfering with sex.

  1. Relax: Stress can weaken your libido, so stay cool.
  2. Stop worrying: When your mind is strained, you may have a hard time getting in the mood.
  3. Stop smoking: Smoking can cause low sperm counts and decrease your virility, so quit or cut down on this habit.
  4. Establish good hygiene: Something as simple as remembering to floss can help make you feel more attractive and be more attractive to your partner.
  5. Schedule sex: Although the thought of penciling in intercourse is not particularly sexy, it can help guarantee that you'll be more sexually active.
  6. Avoid steroids: Steriods can interfere with your hormones and decrease your sex drive.
  7. Resolve cultural issues: If your cultural beliefs make you feel uncomfortable about sex, resolve them on your own or with the help of a therapist.
  8. Improve your self esteem: If you're feeling inadequate or just down on yourself, improve your outlook on your own or with the help of a therapist.
  9. Resolve religious issues: Overcome feelings of guilt and discomfort stemming from religious beliefs.
  10. Curb your alcohol intake: Excessive drinking can be to blame for low sperm counts and poor circulation, so avoid drinking too much.
  11. Pay your bills: Avoid nagging worry over your financial situation, and you'll feel more relaxed and receptive to sex.
  12. Drink plenty of water: Don't overdo it, but drink water throughout the day to promote vaginal moisture and overall health.
  13. Wear loose fitting underwear: Men should wear underwear that allows for some breathing room in order to promote good circulation to the area.
  14. Give longer kisses: Kisses that last 12 seconds or longer can reignite your passion.
  15. Have sex more often: Having sex on a more frequent basis can help get the ball rolling and keep you more sexual.
  16. Avoid high temperature baths: Although relaxing, hot tubs and saunas can hinder circulation, particularly for men, so they aren't good for your sex drive.
  17. Don't set your laptop on your lap: Especially for men, laptops can increase the temperature in your groin area, which is detrimental to your virility.
  18. Avoid sitting for extended periods of time: Sitting for too long, especially for men, can decrease the flow of blood to your sexual organs.
  19. Stay active: Inactivity can decrease your sex drive, so be sure to live an active lifestyle.
  20. Eliminate anxiety: Anxiety can be a strain on your libido, so learn to let go better.


How you feel toward your partner can have a lot to do with the quantity and quality of sex, so follow these tips to build a relationship that's more open to sex.

  1. Communicate: Talk to your partner about sexual problems and feelings you may have to see how you can work them out together.
  2. Avoid arguments: Choose your battles to have more positive feelings towards your partner.
  3. Think positively about sex: Don't think of sex as a chore, but instead as a fun and loving experience that you can share.
  4. Spend time together: Get away from the hectic pace of life and just have fun together to get your spark back.
  5. Show affection: Outside of the bedroom, show affection to your partner, and you'll be more attracted to them sexually.
  6. Do something new: Introduce a little novelty into your lives together, and you'll produce dopamine, a chemical that helps fuel sex drive.
  7. Take a vacation: Sometimes the hectic pace of daily life can get in the way of sex, so step out of your usual routine to spice things up.
  8. Take a deep breath: The scent of your partner's sweat can be a booster for your sex drive.
  9. Go out on a date: Support your emotional connection by going on a date, and focus on building your relationship.
  10. Avoid witholding sex: Don't make sex a bargaining chip, or you'll end up having less of it.
  11. Share responsibilities: If you're not having sex because you or your partner is burned out or too tired, learn to more evenly balance your responsibilities between you.


Your health plays a major part in the way your body craves and responds to sex, so make sure you're in tip top shape.

  1. Sleep well: A good night's rest can help you feel more energetic and make you more interested in sex.
  2. Lose weight: Maintaining a healthy body weight can improve your self image, as well as make your body more receptive to sex.
  3. Get regular screenings for cancer and STDs: Disease can easily interfere with a healthy sex life, so be sure to get checked out regularly.
  4. Massage: Massage, even when it's not a part of foreplay, can help increase your blood flow and make you feel energetic and virile.
  5. Treat diabetes: Diabetes can interfere with regular sexual health and desire, so be sure to treat the disease the best way you can.
  6. Get therapy: Speak to a therapist about your sexuality to uncover any emotional problems you may have.
  7. Avoid saturated fat: Saturated fat can clog your arteries and prevent good blood flow to your sexual organs.
  8. Support your circulatory system: Reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol to make your circulatory system more healthy and efficient.
  9. Deal with physical ailments: Problems including constant headaches, endometriosis, diabetes, and arthritis can interfere with your sexual enjoyment, so get them diagnosed and treated.
  10. Tighten your PC muscles: For women, exercising the PC muscles can lead to more fulfilling sex, which can increase your desire.
  11. Screen for anemia: Get checked out for anemia, which can be a cause of low sex drive.
  12. Talk to your doctor about depression: Depression can cause your sex drive to suffer, so find out if you're affected by it.
  13. Get treatment for sexual dysfunction: If you're having physical troubles with sex, talk to your doctor about getting it taken care of.
  14. Gain weight: If you're underweight, your sexual functions may be diminished. This is especially true for women, who may cease ovulation if body fat levels are too low.
  15. Evaluate your prescription drugs: Talk to your doctor to find out if your drugs are interfering with your libido.
  16. Ask about hormone balances: Find out if you have a hormonal imbalance, and find out what you can do about it.


Engage in these activities to boost your sex drive.

  1. Have sex anyway: Even if you're not in the mood, have sex, and chances are you'll get into it anyway.
  2. Do yoga: Certain yoga poses will help improve the blow flow to your sexual organs, as well as improve your overall health.
  3. Get aerobic exercise: Improve the blood flow to your sex organs by getting things pumping with aerobics.
  4. Read a romance novel: Turn on the biggest erogenous zone you have by reading a steamy bodice ripper.
  5. Stretch: Open up your body and flexibility with regular stretching.
  6. Do something dangerous: Dangerous activities will trigger dopamine and stimulate your sex drive.
  7. Role play: Adopt roles to play throughout the day or just out on a date to make things more interesting and set up a promise of things to come.
  8. Avoid exercising too much: Extreme exercise can lower your testosterone levels, which help your libido, so keep exercise to a moderate level.
  9. Compete: Being competitive, like in sports, can raise your levels of libido-boosting hormone testosterone.

In the Bedroom

These are a few things you can do with your partner to jump start your libido.

  1. Use sex toys: Although intimidating for some, sex toys can make sex more interesting and enticing.
  2. Watch porn: It does not work for everyone, but porn can help get you in the mood, or help you discover new things.
  3. Be more adventurous: Keep the interest alive by being willing to try new things.
  4. Get out of the bedroom: Explore new places to have sex, like the kitchen or your neighborhood park to spice things up.
  5. Talk dirty: Whether you're in the bedroom or out on a date, don't be shy about talking dirty.
  6. Fight boredom: If you're bored with sex, think of new ways you and your partner can connect.
  7. Leave the lights on: Toss out feelings of shame and embarrassment, and have more exciting sex with the lights on.
  8. Explore by touching new regions: Get away from traditional erogenous zones, and touch your partner some place new.


These foods can make you healthier, and foster a better sex life.

  1. Eat a good diet: Overall, eating a nutritious diet full of fruits and vegetables will help you feel better and more in the mood for sexual activity.
  2. Drink alcohol: Although drinking too much can have an adverse effect, alcohol, particularly high quality beer and distilled spirits, can improve your overall and sexual health.
  3. Almonds: Almonds are full of fatty acids that will help with circulation.
  4. Goji berries: Goji berries will help increase testosterone levels in both men and women, as well as improve sexual stamina.
  5. Eat healthy fats: Your body needs fat to create hormones, so don't cut fat out of your diet.
  6. Black licorice: Black licorice can increase genital bloodflow by 40 percent.
  7. Celery: In celery, you'll find androsterone, which is a hormone that's been known to turn women on.
  8. Bananas: This phallic fruit can offer a shot in the arm to the male libido.
  9. Avocado: These delicious gems are full of fatty acids that will support your circulatory health.
  10. Avoid extreme dieting: Dieting too much or too harshly can leave your body devoid of the nutrients it needs for sexual health.
  11. Asparagus: This vegetable is a good source for sexual health supporting vitamin E.
  12. Nutmeg: Indian medicine uses nutmeg for enhancing desire, and its extract has been found to have the same effect as Viagra.
  13. Chili peppers: Chili peppers contain capasaicin, which supports good circulation.
  14. Eat protein: Protein offers plenty of energy that will make you more receptive to sex.
  15. Avoid caffeine: Caffeine can reduce your libido, so do your best to avoid coffee tea, and soda with caffeine.
  16. Basil: This herb increases your circulation and supports a sense of well being.
  17. Soy: Eating lots of soy can increase your arousal, as the food's phytoestrogens mimic estrogen.
  18. Garlic: Although not great for sexy breath, garlic offers allicin, which can improve the blood flow to your sexual organs.
  19. Avoid heavy carbohydrates: Pasta dishes will put you to sleep, rather than get you in the mood.
  20. Brazil nuts: Brazil nuts are full of the amino acid arginine, which can boost levels of blood to the genitals.
  21. Figs: Figs are believed to increase stamina, and are high in amino acids.
  22. The smell of comfort food: Researchers say that men can be turned on by foods they enjoy, such as doughnuts, pizza, and strawberries.
  23. Pumpkin seeds: In pumpkin seeds, you'll find zinc, which helps men produce testosterone, and will help support a woman's sex drive.


Talk to your doctor about taking one or more of these supplements to help with your libido.

  1. Take a multivitamin: Multivitamins can help promote your overall health and sexual wellness, as well as provide specific nutrients that you need for a strong sex drive.
  2. Choline: Choline can help enhance levels of acetylcholine, which sends sexual impulses from your brain to sex organs.
  3. Vitamin B: Vitamin B deficiencies can be linked to infertility, so be sure to get plenty of it.
  4. Iron: Having an iron deficiency can leave you fatigued and out of energy for sex.
  5. Testosterone: Testosterone is the hormone that is behind your sex drive, so higher levels of it can help raise your libido.
  6. Manganese: Manganese ensures a healthy metabolism of the hormone estrogen.
  7. Vitamin E vaginal suppositories: If vaginal dryness is the cause of your low sex drive, it can be treated with these suppositories.
  8. Muirapuama and catuaba: In Brazil, these two herbs together are believed to increase your libido and support sexual potency.
  9. Vitamin A: Vitamin A helps support imporant tissues for your reproductive health.
  10. Zinc: Be sure that you're getting enough zinc, as a lack of this mineral can cause impotence and infertility.
  11. Vitamin C: Be sure to drink your orange juice, as vitamin C can help boost fertility.
  12. Vitamin B5: Also known as panothenic acid, B5 is important for the creation of sex hormones.
  13. Selenium: This mineral helps ensure healthy production of sperm.

15 Sexiest Gadgets for the Bedroom and Beyond

Even if you think you’ve got a satisfying sex life, there’s a chance you haven’t tapped into your full erotic potential. Role playing, bedroom games and chocolate syrup are all well and good, but to get you really going, we’re dropping these 15 gadgets into your lap to encourage you to try something a little…or a lot wilder. From robots to swings to teeny vibrators that hide in your underwear, you can make the most of these sexy toys with or without a partner.


These toys go way beyond the ordinary vibrator. Have fun with features like rotating beads, wireless remote control capabilities, and special-powered rabbit ears.

  1. The Rabbit: Sex and the City fans will never forget the Season 1 episode in which Miranda and Carrie had to stage an intervention for Charlotte and this vibrator. There are several different versions of the vibrator, including models with swirling pearl beads inside, vibrators that can go in the water, and rabbits that focus especially on the G-spot. All of these vibrators come with a wireless remote control so you can let the rabbit get busy while you relax.
  2. Hitachi Magic Wand: The website Holistic Wisdom ranks this vibrator as "one of the best sex toys available." Use the Hitachi Magic Wand as a body massager or as a vibrator with or without the G-spot stimulation attachment. Holistic Wisdom also considers this toy as one of the best sex toys for overweight men and women.
  3. Vibro Pod: This vibrator is mp3 compatible, so your vibrations pulse along to the rhythm of the song you’re listening to. The Vibro Pod also features an 8-function mode so you can enjoy 8 different types of vibrations and escalations if you don’t have an mp3 player or just want to mix things up.
  4. Cyberskin Passion Flower Strap On: This strap on is designed to stimulate your clitoris during masturbation, oral sex or intercourse. The woman straps the vibrator on, and the super quiet hum massages in all the right places without causing a distraction.
  5. TongueJoy Oral Vibrator: This teeny vibrator straps onto your tongue, giving your partner ultimate satisfaction during oral sex. The vibrator is battery operated, chrome plated and comes with three different sized bands.

Sex Machines and Robots

For the truly experimental, these sex machines and sex robots offer other worldly sexual adventures.

  1. Love Machine: This intense sex machine almost looks like a workout machine, but its dildo and PassionSkin Stroker attachments leave little to the imagination. The machine features a motor that can thrust and stroke you virtually anywhere, vibrating accessories, and different speeds to give you a customized experience on your back, from behind, on top, and any other way you like it.
  2. Spinning Swing: This sex swing also comes with a stand, so you can set it up in any room in your house. The swing features 360-degree rotation and can hold up to 400 lbs.
  3. Andy: Andy is short of Android, and she’s a beloved sex robot with an eerily human appearance. Andy is made with silicone, and she is able to mimic real-life breathing, moaning and sighing. If you ask nicely, Andy can even move around in different positions and urinate, if you so desire.
  4. Infrared Electric Massager: This vibrator also comes with internal sleeves for women, allowing both partners to experiment with different textures and vibrations.
  5. Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit: Assemble your own pole so that you can treat your lover to a sexy striptease wherever you want.

Portable Goodies

Sex doesn’t just take place in the bedroom. Take your sexploration with you wherever you go with these fun toys.

  1. Penis Sleeves: If you want to instantly grow your penis a few inches around or in length, try putting on one of these penis sleeves. You can browse vibrating sleeves, sleeves with special G-spot reach capabilities, and sleeves with solid tips.
  2. Vibrating Panty Pals: You can have an orgasm whenever and wherever you want when you apply one of these battery-powered clitoris stimulators to your underwear. They come in three different designs: a red heart, a pink butterfly, and a purple star.
  3. Masturbation Sleeve: The top of this sleeve resembles a woman’s vagina, and once you slip inside, pearl beads massage your penis according to varying speeds. The opening features a sucking motion to give you pleasure all over, and the toy also comes with a snap-on lid for easy transportation.
  4. Blow Job Simulator: If you’re desperate for a blow job but don’t have a go-to partner, try out one of these blow job simulators. They come in designs as graphic as you like.
  5. Hide Your Vibe Pillow: This toy looks like an ordinary leopard-skin print pillow, but it features a secret "magical" pocket "where you can easily ‘park’ your favorite vibe for long-long time."

25 Delicious Foods to Get You in the Mood

Food is love. Many people are passionate about their food and for good reason. Many of the foods that civilizations have enjoyed for hundreds of years share strong connections with love and desire. The following 25 foods all have a rich history of stimulating romance. Read about what makes these foods special, and then select some to share with your partner tonight to see where they take you.

  1. Almonds. For centuries almonds have been given as gifts representing fertility and romance. These little nuts pack a powerful nutrition punch, too. They are high in calcium, help lower cholesterol, and are a great antioxidant. Blancmange, an old French dessert, is traditionally made from almond milk. Give it a try and see where it takes you after dinner.  Here’s a recipe to get you started.
  2. Arugula. This salad green has long been used to get couples in the mood. Fresh arugula has a bright green appearance that just looks so appetizing, too. This simple arugula salad recipe is sure to please you both on the palate and in the bedroom. Try it as a first course for your dinner.
  3. Asparagus. Not only does asparagus look sensual, it has long been purported to be an aphrodisiac. Asparagus is easy to make either steamed or grilled and tastes delicious as long as you don’t overcook it. Try this recipe for roasted asparagus with a creamy tahini-peanut sauce. You and your partner can have fun testing out the power of these lovely green spears.
  4. Avocado. The sensual avocado makes a wonderful food to set the mood. Read about why this food is so sexy and get a great recipe, too. A delicious salad idea is to serve slices of avocado alternating with slices of fresh mango. You don’t even have to put a dressing on this yummy meal opener.
  5. Basil. When you think of basil, Italian food comes to mind. Fresh basil in tomato sauce or basil, garlic, and salt pureed finely into a delicious pesto will make any dinner taste delicious. Maybe those Italians were on to something–basil has been reported to raise the libido and produce feelings of well-being. Serve an Italian feast to your partner tonight with basil as the star and see what happens.
  6. Cardamom. Anyone who has enjoyed a cup of chai tea or an Indian dish made with garam masala has probably enjoyed cardamom. In the Middle East and in India, cardamom has long been used as a tonic to enhance male sexual performance.  If you want to feature some cardamom in your future, try this masala chai recipe from Confessions of a Cardamom Addict. Order Indian food in and follow up with a cup of chai to set the mood.
  7. Carrots. Another vegetable that’s shape alone may bring thoughts of romance, the carrot has a history of being used in the Middle East to stimulate desire. Whether they work or not in the bedroom, they are delicious and healthy. Give this carrot and coriander soup a try to start out your dinner.
  8. Caviar. Who knows if it’s just the lure of enjoying an expensive treat or if it’s the zinc in caviar that helps get things moving, but caviar has traditionally been known as a romantic food favorite. Caviar comes from the sea just as the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born of the sea, so maybe she has lent some of her power to this delicious food. Put a dollop of caviar atop watercrackers and cream cheese for a simple appetizer to start the evening off right. Serve with champagne and you will be setting the tone for an evening of romance.
  9. Cayenne pepper. This spice is full of vitamins, aids in digestion, and is great for circulation and the heart. Maybe it’s because it works to get the blood flowing, but cayenne has been used for years to inspire passion. Whip up this batch of cayenne peanut butter cookies and serve to your love to set the sparks flying.
  10. Chocolate. Ah…the food of the gods. Nothing says romance like chocolate. When consumed, the cocoa in chocolate releases the same chemical in our brains that we feel when we are in love. Serving chocolate to your sweet is easy to do, but one of the simplest ways to enjoy this romantic food is to buy a high-quality bar of chocolate and break off the squares to feed to each other. Romance is guaranteed to follow.
  11. Coriander. This seed of the herb, cilantro, has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. If you don’t enjoy cilantro, don’t worry, coriander has a completely different flavor. You can prepare the carrot and coriander soup from above, or try this soup made with chickpeas, ginger, and coriander.
  12. Figs. Used by the ancient Greeks as an aphrodisiac, figs have a long history of being a sensual food. The shape of the fig is supposed to remind men of the shape of a woman. Enjoy some fresh figs together. Or try this fig tart recipe from The Delicious Life. It incorporates basil, honey, and pine nuts–all foods from this list.
  13. Honey. The word "honeymoon" may well have originated from the traditional wedding gift of enough mead (honey wine) to last for a month. You don’t have to be on a honeymoon to enjoy the romantic possibilities of honey. Give this romantic honey lavender brioche recipe a try to feed to your honey. If cooking is too much work, just enjoy sharing the sweet treat spread on toast.
  14. Lobster. This is another food that carries the mark of extravagance. The high price for lobster is well-deserved, however, as this luscious food is both delicious and romantic. While you can share a lovely lobster dinner at a restaurant, it’s even more fun to steam or boil two lobster tails at home and serve with some drawn butter. Keep the silverware put away and use your hands to enjoy this sensuous dinner together.
  15. Mango. Maybe it’s the shape of the mango as has been reported to resemble a virulent male or maybe it is the incredibly luscious flavor of a fresh mango, but this tropical fruit is commonly known as a fruit for romance. Of course you don’t have to do anything special beyond cutting and peeling it to enjoy this fruit. However, you could try making this mango ice cream for a special dessert.  Maybe top it off with fresh mango?
  16. Mustard. Known to increase desire, mustard is a great spice to set the mood. Mustard enjoys a rich history throughout the world and has several customs attached to it. Read about this fun food’s history, then try a recipe like this one for oven baked mustard chicken curry. The ingredient list contains plenty of foods from our list, so this dish is sure to set the mood. 
  17. Nutmeg. The aphrodisiac qualities of this spice have actually been studied by scientists and show a link between low doses of nutmeg and increased sexual desire and potency in men. In China, it was given to women to increase desire, and in India, soft-boiled egg mixed with honey and nutmeg is served as an enhancement to performance. Read this romantic blog post about love and nutmeg, then try serving the nutmeg donut muffins to your love. 
  18. Oysters. Possibly the most famous food associated with sex is oysters. There are many ancient stories of both men and women benefiting from a dinner of raw oysters. Aside from the romantic properties, oysters are high in zinc, iron, and protein. Learn how to serve oysters on the half shell to your partner here. Pair with some white wine and the mood is set.
  19. Pine nuts. These nuts enjoy a long history as an aphrodisiac. High in zinc, they help promote male potency. Roasted, they are a delicious topper to pasta dishes. Finish off your meal with these delicious Italian pignoli (pine nut) cookies from Food Blogga.
  20. Pineapple. Not only is pineapple full of vitamin C, it has long been used as a cure for impotency. Couple this fruit with one of the other romantic foods to ensure a mood-setting snack. Try pineapple lightly sprinkled with cayenne pepper or dip a chunk of pineapple in honey. Want something a little more hearty? Try this simple recipe for pineapple chicken.
  21. Pomegranate. This fruit’s bright red color and many seeds just scream passion. The ancient Greeks believed this food a symbol of Aphrodite. The classic Indian book of lovemaking, the kama sutra, even recommends pomegranates as an aphrodisiac. Learn about the amazing qualities of the pomegranate in this article, then serve a dish of pomegranate, oolong, and dark chocolate truffle for dessert. This dish even looks sexy.
  22. Strawberries. This sweet fruit almost looks like a heart. Sharing a few strawberries with your love is sure to set the mood. Not only are these fruits fun for couples, they are also high in vitamin C. Try making some chocolate dipped strawberries together, then enjoy the fruits of your labors.
  23. Sweet potato. Supposedly, eating a lot of sweet potatoes stimulates women’s libido. Maybe that’s why sweet potato pie is a staple dessert in the south. Give this recipe from Coconut & Lime a try and see what it does for you.  It’s sure to finish off any dinner on the right note.
  24. Truffles. This delicacy has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. Perhaps it is the highly fragrant odor that supposedly stimulates desire, but whatever reason, they are worth serving to you partner as part of a mood-setting meal. Black truffles are found in France and must be cooked, while the white truffles from Italy can be served fresh or cooked.  Truffles are expensive and difficult to find, so try a dish like truffle infused mushroom tagliatelle that uses black truffle oil instead.
  25. Vanilla. This seductive food has a rich lore full of stories about love. The scent is enough to arouse some lovers, but vanilla itself boosts adrenaline production, so that surge of passion really does have a cause. There are several ways to enjoy vanilla. Try adding the whole beans to a glass of lemonade or champagne. Or create a delicious tangerine vanilla seafood sauce to go with those lobster tails.

27 Ways to Create a Greener, Healthier Sex Life

So you eat organic food and practice conservation in your daily life-but have you ever stopped to think about how your sex life impacts the environment? There are a number of ways you can improve upon your sex life’s impact, and many of them are great for your health as well. Here, we’ve highlighted 27 of the most fun and easy ways to be healthier, sexier, and greener.

Setting the Mood

Getting in the mood doesn’t have to be wasteful-try these strategies for responsible ways to get sexy.

  1. Use bamboo bed sheets: Bamboo sheets, as well as hemp sheets, offer a renewable source for your bedclothes. What’s even better, they offer a silky, slippery feel that’s sure to heighten your senses. They’re not muchmore expensive than traditional cotton sheets, and are widely available from retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.
  2. Dim the lights: Cut down on energy costs while setting the mood with a little bit of light dimming. It helps add an air of romance, plus, you won’t feels stressed out about the electricity bill.
  3. Take advantage of the temperature: In the winter, let your thermostat go down low and use the coolness as an excuse to warm each other up. You can set a romantic fire and cuddle to keep warm. Don’t let hot weather keep you apart, either. In the summer, cool each other off with ice cubes.
  4. Aphrodisiacs: Check out natural aphrodisiacs, which are said to boost your sexual desire. Some eco-friendly options include organic wine and champagne, or fair trade chocolate.
  5. Create a candle-lit dinner: A candle-lit dinner is a great way to relax and connect with your partner. You can save energy with the lights out, eat organic food even burn eco-friendly soy candles.
  6. Shower together: Save water by showering with a friend. Although extended shower play sessions tend to waste water, you can have responsible shower fun with a quickie and a low-flow shower head or aerator.
  7. Turn off the lights: Take things a step further by turning off your lights to add an element of mystery. You can even use blackout curtains to play completely in the dark.
  8. Use sustainable candles: If you’re lighting candles to set the mood, make sure they’re soy or another sustainable source.
  9. Use organic massage oils: Make massaging healthier by using organic massage oils. At the very least, stay away from petroleum derivatives and avoid lubes that have artificial colors, scents, or tastes.
  10. Wear green lingerie: Eco-friendly lingerie can be very attractive. There’s a wide variety of sexy, eco-friendly lingerie made from organic cotton and bamboo.
  11. Watch eco-porn: Yes, such a thing actually exists. This porn site donates profits to green causes.

Birth Control

Birth control products are necessary for many, but can often be wasteful. Try these tips to reduce your impact.

  1. Use it: Having an unplanned child is considered by many to be a waste of resources, so don’t contribute to our world’s swelling population unless it’s your intent.
  2. Use a diaphragm: Diaphragms are a time-tested method of birth control that’s trusted by many women and medical professionals. They’re a very effective method of birth control, and even better, they’re reusable, so there’s minimal waste.
  3. Get an IUD: Just like the diaphragm, an IUD is an extremely low-waste method of birth control. It’s non-hormonal, and safe for just about every woman. The IUD uses a copper reaction to prevent pregnancy.
  4. Sterilization: If you’re serious about never having kids, consider sterilization so you won’t need to use birth control anymore. Methods like tubal ligation and vasectomy are incredibly low impact ways to avoid pregnancy.
  5. Use a latex condom: Although latex condoms create waste, they are a better choice than polyurethane because while latex is biodegradable, polyurethane definitely is not.
  6. Consider vegan condoms: If you’re vegan, you can avoid animal derivatives in your condom by using some made specifically for vegans.
  7. Take the birth control pill: If you have a steady partner and you’re both free of STDs, you can eliminate condom waste by taking the pill. Although some worry about the effects pharmaceuticals like the birth control pill have in our water supply, experts generally agree that these levels are not high enough to effect healthy people.
  8. Dispose of condoms properly: Don’t flush condoms-they can clog your plumbing or stay in the water and end up in the ocean.

The Goods

Sex is fun on its own, but if you’re going to bring in props, do it the responsible way.

  1. DIY: Save money and manufacturing waste by making sex toys on your own. Get creative with fruits and vegetables and other household objects, but always be sure to use a condom.
  2. Never use sex toys with phthalates: These include "jelly" and "cyberskin" toys. Studies suggest that exposure to phthalates can cause cancer and damage to the reproductive system, so it’s best to steer clear. They’re also bad for the environment. Use silicone, metal or glass as safer, recyclable alternatives.
  3. Consider solar-powered or rechargeable toys: Avoid using batteries for your sex toys, and get some that can be charged over and over again. These are also great for sexy camping trips.
  4. Buy for durability: Sex toys and lingerie that are well made will last longer and you won’t create waste by disposing of them to buy a new one. Also consider repairing them if possible.
  5. Stay away from vinyl: PVC, found in vinyl, is an unsafe substance, and should be avoided whenever possible. Consider using leather or faux-leather.
  6. Use smart balls: Smart balls are made of a hygenically safe material that’s free of phtalates and non, porous, so they’re safe for regular use. They’re essentially two balls with smaller metal balls inside that vibrate whenever you move. Smart balls are recommended by midwives for their PC muscle benefit as well as stimulation.
  7. Recycle your toys: Once you’re done with your sex toys, don’t just throw them away. Dispose of them properly, or even better, recycle them.
  8. Use a safe lube: Carefully consider what chemicals lurk in the lube you’re using. Always make sure you’re pairing the right type of lube with the right toy or function, and check out the ingredients list.

27 Natural Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

A failing sex drive can be frustrating, but there are a number of things that you can do to make it better. Some of these sure-fire methods include exercising, eating well, and being healthier in general. Here, we’ve listed these and many other easy and natural ways to get your spark back. Emotional If your mind is not open to sex, your body just won’t follow. Try these strategies for effective ways to help get in the mood.

  1. Build self-confidence: Improve your interest in sex by feeling good about yourself.
  2. Rid yourself of stress: Stress will weaken your libido, as worry keeps your mind off of sex and on other things. Try relaxing with a warm bath or a good book.
  3. Don’t get caught up in fights: Resolve problems with your partner so that they don’t lead to withdrawal in the bedroom.
  4. Get your imagination going: Read a steamy novel or watch porn to get your mind’s eye thinking about sex.
  5. Change your attitude about sex: Don’t think about sex as a chore. Rather, regard it as a fun, pleasurable activity with someone you love.

Physical Take these physical steps to make your body more receptive to sex.

  1. Be attractive: Even if you’re not naturally beautiful, there are a number of things you can do to make yourself feel more attractive. Whether that means a spa day or a new outfit, do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself.
  2. Stretch: Stretching offers a low-impact way to improve your blood flow and relax.
  3. Exercise: Work the muscles that you need for good sex, and you’ll both improve blood flow and feel good about yourself.
  4. Get a massage: Massages can release the tension in your body and increase your blood flow, which is good for sexual arousal.
  5. Try yoga: Certain yoga positions will help improve circulation to your sexual organs and increase desire.
  6. Lose weight: Excessive weight can have an effect on your self-esteem and make you feel less attractive. It’s also possible that being overweight can interfere with blood flow to your sexual organs, so shed a few pounds to help your libido.

Habits Your libido is an ongoing entity, and it’s affected by everything that you do. Try these methods, and consider how you can improve your sex drive with habits from your daily life.

  1. Quit smoking: Smoking has an adverse effect on blood flow, as it causes a narrowing of blood vessels, including those in sexual organs. Additionally, smoking steals your energy and gives you bad breath.
  2. Smell good: Your sense of smell can boost your libido. Some scents in particular, like buttered popcorn and baby powder, have been found to turn men and women on.
  3. Get a good night’s rest: If you’re tired, chances are you’re not going to be in the mood. So sleep well at night and rest up for good health and good sex.
  4. Drink in moderation: Alcohol may increase desire initially, but can lead to impotence and general unattractiveness if you go too far.
  5. Touch each other constantly: Touching your partner, whether it’s sexual or not, can help arouse sexual feelings. This can be as simple as holding hands or hugging on a regular basis.

Food Beyond daily habits, the things you eat can have an effect on your libido. Check out these foods to improve your desire for sex.

  1. Eat aphrodisiacs: Some foods are just great for getting you in the mood. Oysters in particular are good to eat, as they’re full of fertility-boosting zinc.
  2. Avoid simple carbs: Carbohydrate dishes are likely to have you heading to bed for sleep instead of sex, so avoid pasta, pizza and other snooze-inducing meals.
  3. Eat protein: Protein will give you an energy boost that will have you feeling good and ready for sex.
  4. Eat fish: Fish is not only high in protein, it has Omega-3 fatty acids as well, and these acids are wonderful for improving your circulation and sexual health.
  5. Cut down on saturated fat: Men should be careful to avoid eating too much saturated fat, as it can clog arteries and block adequate flow to your penis. One doctor says that a good guideline to keep in mind is, "anything that’s good for your heart is good for your penis."

Health Your overall health has a profound effect on your sex drive, so speak to your doctor about these issues.

  1. Look into your hormones: Speak with your doctor about your low libido. Sometimes, the problem lies in a hormone imbalance.
  2. Consider quitting antidepressants: Many antidepressant medications can have a negative effect on your sex drive, so discuss discontinuation of your prescription or consider alternatives.
  3. Keep diabetes in check: Uncontrolled diabetes can be responsible for sexual evils like erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual response, so be sure to take care of it.
  4. Look into adrenal fatigue: Your failing libido could be brought on by a condition called adrenal fatigue. Speak with your doctor to see if you have this condition.

Remedies Finally, you can supplement the actions you’re taking to improve your sex life with these herbal remedies that are believed to help.

  1. Gingko biloba: This remedy has been shown to improve blood flow to both your brain and sexual organs. It’s also believed to offer an improvement on desire, arousal, and orgasm.
  2. Yohimbe: This "natural Viagra" has been used in Africa as an aphrodisiac for many years. It’s believed to improve male impotence.

25 Ailments That Can Be Cured By Having Sex

Sex is great for your relationship, but did you know that it’s also great for your overall health? That’s right-sex has been found to help with conditions ranging from the common cold to high blood pressure. And although you’re not likely to come home from your next doctor’s appointment with a scribbled prescription for sex, it can be highly effective as a preventative measure and complementary treatment. Read on to find out what conditions you’re protecting yourself from every time you enjoy a roll in the hay.

  1. Depression: Without the help of researchers, just about anyone can agree that sex will make you feel good about yourself and better about your relationship. But one researcher has said there’s a scientific explanation that goes a bit farther. Professor Gordon Gallop says that there’s an unknown chemical in semen that has an antidepressant effect on women.
  2. Pregnancy: Sex is both the cause and the cure for pregnancy. Women who are ready to induce labor often have sex to speed up the process, and research backs up this method. Semen contains prostaglandins, which help the cervix prepare to open, and orgasms produce oxytocin, which will help cause contractions.
  3. Headaches: Although sex can sometimes bring on a headache, it can cure them too. The tension release your body experiences during and after sex can ease restricted blood vessels in the brain.
  4. Menstrual cramps: Sex acts as an analgetic to relieve menstrual pain, primarily because of the relaxation and endorphins sex brings.
  5. Arthritis: In his book, "How to Treat Arthritis with Sex and Alcohol," rheumatologist Carter V. Multz asserts that sex, as well as alcohol and other complementary treatments, can reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation associated with arthritis.
  6. Common cold: Manfred Schedlovski, a Swiss researcher from Zurich, asserts that sex has a positive effect on phagocytes, which are a part of the immune system that goes after alien bodies, like cold germs, and kills them. Phagocytes are increased signficantly during sex, and will often double after orgasm.
  7. Stress: Orgasms offer a great way to relax, and even nonorgasmic sex offers some relief. Dr. Joshua Golden asserts sex’s relaxation properties, as well as emotional benefits.
  8. Tooth decay: Kissing, as well as oral sex, encourages saliva production. This increase in saliva helps to wash food particles from your teeth, prevents plaque build-up, and helps lower decay-causing acid. Additionaly, seminal plasma has been shown to help prevent tooth decay.
  9. Erectile dysfunction: By exercising your Kegel muscles with frequent sex and delaying ejaculation, men can help strengthen muscles enough to help with minor erection problems.
  10. High blood pressure: Semen has been found to lower blood pressure in women. Specifically, swallowing semen can help ward off preeclampsia, which is a dangerously high blood pressure that sometimes occurs during pregnancy.
  11. Insomnia: Many people find that the relaxation they experience after sex helps them go to sleep.
  12. Prostate cancer: Men who ejaculate more frequently have been found to be at a lower risk of developing prostate cancer.
  13. Hangovers: Sex may not save your liver, but it will help you shake off a funk. Having sex will help boost your endorphins and oxytocins, which stimulate muscle contraction and help you avoid aggressiveness.
  14. Toxic system: Sex gets your blood pumping faster, which helps to rid the body of waste.
  15. Heart disease: Studies have shown that if men have sex twice a week or more, they tend to have a lower risk of heart attack. For women, increased levels of estrogen caused by sex help to protect against heart disease.
  16. Stubborn wounds: Studies have found that oxytocin, which is released during sex, can help wounds heal faster.
  17. Low energy: Sex increases energy through exercise and emotional well-being.
  18. Minor cognitive problems: Whenever you become sexually excited or have an orgasm, the hormone DHEA is released. DHEA has been found to improve cognition.
  19. Skin irritations: The sweat released during sex will cleanse your pores, helping to relieve rashes, blemishes, and other skin problems.
  20. Pain: Orgasm releases endorphins, which will alleviate pain for just about everything.
  21. Obesity: Although few doctors are likely to prescribe a sex diet, the fact is that sex is a form of exercise. Performing the act of sex requires physical activity that will burn calories and strengthen your heart. It’s an especially great exercise for those who have little motivation to get to the gym.
  22. Incontinence: Every time you have sex, you’re exercising your Kegel muscles, which are the same ones you use to stem the flow of urine.
  23. Weak bones and muscles: Sex brings on a boost of testosterone, which helps to make your bones and muscles strong.
  24. Semen allergy: Unfortunately, some women are allergic to their partner’s semen. However, along with other treatments, frequent sex has been found to work as an effective desensitization therapy for this allergy.
  25. Death: That’s right, sex can help ward off death for men. Professor Stuart Brody reports that men who orgasm twice a week are half as likely to die as those who only orgasm once a month.