What to Do When Your Spouse Gains Weight: 100 Tips and Resources

By Vanessa Jones

If your spouse has recently let themselves go a bit, how do go about telling them that they need to get in shape? After all, you’ve vowed to stick by them for better or worse, and weight gain is hardly the worst thing that can happen. But weight gain can lead to many health conditions, and if you’re truly worried about the health of your spouse you can’t help but to want them to shed a few pounds. Here are some tips and suggestions on motivating your spouse to get back in sexy, svelte and healthy shape.


Weight is never an easy topic to broach. Check out these tips to help get the ball rolling with your spouse.

  1. Decide whether or not it matters to you. For some people, the weight their spouse gains may just not be an issue. Decide whether or not you really feel your spouse’s weight is something that’s affecting their health or your life together. If not, you may want to just let it go, and embrace them as they are.
  2. Be gentle. Let’s face it, there’s no nice way to tell someone you think they’re looking a little rounder than before, but do your best to bring up the issue in a caring, non confrontational way. Realize that they are probably already well-aware they’ve put on weight and probably don’t really need you to point it out.
  3. Understand they may be angry, hurt or upset. No matter what route you take if you decide to confront your spouse about his or her weight they’re probably not going to feel good about it; it is a sensitive issue for most. Be understanding that even if you’re talking with them with the best intentions that they may not react the way you’d like.
  4. Don’t nag. If your spouse is making an effort to lose weight, don’t constantly nag or ride them about their food choices. Making them feel guilty will more than likely not encourage them to eat less, but instead to run to those comfort foods.
  5. Provide support. For many people, losing weight can be an uphill battle, especially if it’s been years since they’ve hit the gym. Make sure you’re giving your spouse the love and support they need to successfully feel healthy can make a big difference.
  6. Search for the root of the issue. Physical problems are easy to see in a person, but the cause of these problems may be something less obvious. Often there are underlying emotional issues that are contributing to weight gain and helping your spouse uncover and work through these can really be the first step in getting healthy.
  7. Empathize. Losing weight is tough and your spouse will benefit from some empathy from you. Your spouse will feel more supported and it can help bring you together as a couple.
  8. Work together. The best and most effective way to motivate your spouse to get in shape is to do it together. Then one person isn’t be singled out, you can support each other in fitness and diet plans, and work together as the team you should be towards a common goal.
  9. Let them decide. If you spouse does want to shed some weight, let them be the boss of how they’ll go about it. You may have good intentions, but trying to control things won’t help and may even turn them off about the whole idea.
  10. Make it fun. Doing active things doesn’t have to mean spending hours on a treadmill. Play tennis together, take walks, go hiking and do active things that are not only beneficial but fun as well. It will make it much easier for your spouse to stick to getting healthy and you’ll get to spend valuable time together.
  11. Don’t provide unnecessary temptations. Because you are sharing a household, you can make it almost impossible for your spouse to lose weight if you constantly have junk food around the house. They may be able to resist the temptation some of the time, but no one is strong enough to resist is all of the time, so keep the unhealthy stuff out of your house if you really want to help your spouse.
  12. Make it about health. While part of your motivation for getting your spouse to slim down may be about more superficial issues, the heart of the issue should be about getting them healthy. With numerous health consequences of being overweight, you don’t need any other motivation to work out and eat right.
  13. Be positive. Even if your spouse doesn’t look quite as super-sexy as he or she did when you got married, it doesn’t mean there aren’t other things you love just as much about them, maybe even more now. Try to focus on those things so your spouse still feels valued, special and loved and it’s not all about the things you see wrong with them.
  14. Make sure they know you love them. At the heart of your efforts to get your spouse healthy should be constant reminders of how much you love them, big or small.
  15. Revamp favorite foods. Just because you’re watching what you eat doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy old favorites. Think of new, healthier ways to prepare your spouse’s favorite foods.
  16. Don’t exclude your spouse. One surefire way to sabotage your spouse’s weight loss is to make them feel excluded from special occasions that involve food by not giving them a slice of cake or making them feel left out of the celebration. Leave the decision up to them whether or not they indulge.
  17. Encourage them to visit the doctor. Weight gain isn’t always about simply eating too much. There are a variety of medical conditions, some more serious than others, that can cause weight gain as well, in ways that your spouse simply cannot control. Getting a full checkup can be a good idea in general, as it will let your spouse know just how much their weight may be affecting their health.
  18. Eat at home. While there may be many healthy options when eating out, you and your spouse will be tempted to eat less and better if you eat out as little as possible. That way you’ll know exactly what goes into every meal you eat.
  19. Be a role model. You won’t get far with convincing your spouse that he or she needs to lose weight if you are not looking so fit yourself. Taking action and eating right, working out and living healthy can go a long way towards encouraging your spouse to do the same.
  20. Give them motivation. Both you and your spouse can set fitness goals as motivation to help make all the hard work really feel like it’s paying off. Plan getaways together, fun nights out or anything that both of you really enjoy that can act as a motivating factor to get in shape.
  21. Eat together. Making mealtimes a part of the day when you come together as a couple can be helpful for a variety of reasons. You’ll get to talk and slow down while you’re eating as well as getting the chance to cook and prepare meals together that are healthier and better for you both.


These quick reads can help you find support, advice and information on approaching your spouse.

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  16. Violent Acres: What to Do About a Fat Spouse: Get some straight talk on telling your spouse you think they need to shed a few pounds from this blog entry.

Do It Together

The best way to get a spouse to make a lifestyle change is for the two of you to do it together. These blogs, tips and articles can help you make the most of your fitness goals as a couple.

  1. Get Fit Together: Get in shape right alongside your spouse and this site can tell you how.
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  12. Healthy Eating Tips for Couples: Six Ways to Stay Slim Together: Eating together can be a great way to ensure you’re both getting the nutrition and healthy foods you need.
  13. Diet Solutions: With Spouse: This site offers some suggestions to losing weight as a couple.
  14. Couples Dealing With Weight Loss Together: Learn how your support can make or break your spouse’s weight loss plan.
  15. Couples Diet Better Together: This article from USA Today shows how working together to get in shape really does benefit both of you.

Motivating Factors

There are a number of health issues that can be exacerbated by being overweight. These articles and websites address some valid health reasons you can address with your spouse.

  1. Obese Couples Risk Lower Fertility: If you’re trying to have a child with your spouse, you may be surprised to find that his or her weight might be making it more difficult.
  2. I’m No Longer Attracted to My Overweight Spouse: While health is central to losing weight, your spouse’s wright may very well be affecting your attraction to them as well, as this article addresses.
  3. What Are the Health Consequences of Being Overweight?: This site gives some pretty good reasons why losing weight can be a great idea.
  4. Study Says Obesity Can Be Contagious: If your spouse thinks his or her weight isn’t hurting anyone but themselves they may want to think again. This study shows that overweight people can often influence the behaviors of those around them.
  5. Why Lose Weight?: Need a reason to start losing? The American Heart Association provides several on their site.
  6. FDA: Lose Weight: The FDA lays out some reasons losing weight is in your best interest.
  7. Staying Slim Improves Breast Cancer Survival Rates: Lowering your weight can have unexpected benefits, as this article explains.
  8. Health Consequences of Obesity: Learn how your weight can affect your overall health.
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  10. Smoking and Obesity Curb Sex: Find out how health factors like obesity and bad habits like smoking can affect your drive for and enjoyment of sex.
  11. 7 Good Reasons to Lose Weight: Read this blogger-created list to learn some reasons that weight loss should be a priority.
  12. 10 Health Factors for Staying Slim: This site lists some big health reasons why men should keep off the weight.


If your spouse is searching for something to get them motivated or inspire them to get in gear, have them check out these great weight loss blogs that show how it’s done, and give them support from others in the same boat.

  1. Former Fat Guy: This blogger tracks all his trials and tribulations when it comes to weight loss in his blog.
  2. A Weight Lifted: For women who are tired of constantly yo-yo dieting, this blog can provide some inspiration on losing weight the right way.
  3. 101 Reasons I Hate Being Fat: Find some reasons to lose weight from this blogger who is tracking her weight loss.
  4. Diet Blog: Here you’ll find some get motivation to lose weight from other bloggers and as well as news and information on health care and fitness.
  5. Scale Junkie: Understand that being healthy is about more than a number on the scale from this blog about nutrition.
  6. Get Fit Slowly: Follow these friends as they work to lose weight and get in shape.
  7. Confessions of the Guy at Weight Watchers: This runner has lost loads of weight already, over a hundred pounds, and you can follow his progress here.
  8. John is Fit: This blogger felt unhealthy and vowed to lose some of his almost 300 pounds by living healthy and eating right.
  9. Fat Girl Dives In: Blogger Tina lost over 100 pounds, gained it back and now it trying to lose it all over again.
  10. Journeying to Lose 200 Pounds: With 200 pounds to lose, follow along as this blogger tries to lose it and keep it off.
  11. Losing It: This female blogger details how she is changing her eating and living habits to be healthier and happier.
  12. A Life Less Sweet: Cutting out high fructose corn syrup may be a big help in losing weight, as this blog explains.
  13. Escape from Obesity: This blogger and mother of five is trying to lose weight from her present size of 278 pounds and you can follow along as she takes it off through better eating and exercise.

Tips and Advice

These sites provide some basic tips and advice on ways to lose weight and get in shape.

  1. How to Lose Weight By Drinking Less Alcohol: Beer and mixed drinks can have loads of calories you may not even realize you’re drinking. Your spouse, and you, can shed some pounds but cutting back on the booze.
  2. Easy Ways to Lose Weight: 50 + Ideas: If you’re looking for some easy ways to get started on a weight loss plan for you and your spouse, these tips can provide some simple inspiration.
  3. Wii Weight Loss Plan: Who says losing weight can’t be fun? Check out this site to learn how you can lose weight just by playing games on the Wii.
  4. How to Lose Weight Watching TV: If your spouse isn’t ready to hit the gym just yet, get them moving at home with these exercises they can do in front of the TV.
  5. 50 Weight Loss Tips: Get some pointers on losing weight from this site.
  6. How to Lose Weight Safely: Don’t force your spouse into a dangerous crash diet. Read this site so you can ensure your spouse is losing the pounds safely.
  7. How to Most Effectively Start Working Out When You Haven’t Exercised in Years: Even if your spouse hasn’t lifted a finger to work out in ages, this blog can help them to learn how to get up and get moving no matter how rusty they are.
  8. Tips To Get Into Shape Without Leaving The House: You don’t need thousands of dollars worth of workout equipment to get in shape, this site tells you how to get fit in your own home.
  9. How to Start Doing Yoga: Learn to do the downward dog and the mountain pose from this beginner’s yoga guide.
  10. Weight Training 101: Weight training is an essential part of any workout routine and this site provides all the basics
  11. Body Fitness Guide: From yoga to fitness supplements, this site provides a ton of helpful health and fitness information.

Marriage Advice

If you feel your husband’s or wife’s weight gain is putting a strain on your marriage, you may want to check out some of these marriage advice sites that can help.

  1. A Good Husband: Here you can get marriage advice from a man’s point of view.
  2. WifeAdvice: Check out this blog to read funny stories from this husband and wife duo.
  3. Relationships in the Raw: Give this blog a read to learn how to better communicate with and improve your relationship with your spouse.
  4. Ask April: Send in all your burning questions on marriage, including issues with your spouse’s weight, to this marriage and relationship advice blog.
  5. Save the Marriage: If your spouse’s weight has put some tension between the two of you, learn how to work towards a better relationship from this blog.
  6. The Marriage Counseling Blog: For those who aren’t quite ready to go to real marriage counseling, this blog can be a good first step.
  7. Marriage Actually: This blog provides an honest look at marriage, both the good and the bad things.
  8. Love and Relationship Advice Blog: Susie and Otto Collins, relationship coaches, authors, and speakers maintain this blog that can give you some great advice on your marriage.
  9. Relationship Advice: Find some assistance in keeping your marriage running smoothly check out this blog.
  10. Marriage Blog: Families.com provides a lot of helpful tips and ideas for making marriage solid.
  11. The F-Word: Visit this blog if you want to learn to accept your spouse just the way he or she is.
  12. Relationship Advice for Relationship Bliss: This blog deals with turn-ons and offs, relationship difficulties and more.

50 Video Games Your Girlfriend Will Like


If you’re a gamer, but your girlfriend isn’t, you may find yourself disappointed when you want to share your hobby with her. However, by selecting games she is likely to enjoy, you may be able to spark her interest in gaming. Although not every girlfriend will take to video gaming, we’ve compiled a list of titles that will give you a fighting chance to turn her from a newbie to a girl gamer.

Group Gaming

Group gaming is fun for the uninitiated, as it focuses on both social involvement and gameplay at the same time.

  1. Mario Party: This board game style video game calls offers mini games and fun group games.
  2. Boogie: Boogie makes a great party game, with a microphone for singing as well as dancing.
  3. Halo: Halo is a great first-person shooter that allows you and your girlfriend to take down the enemy together.
  4. Rock Band: Play together in a virtual band, with spots for guitars, drums, and singing.
  5. Guitar Hero: Similar to Rock Band, Guitar Hero offers interactive play using songs that your girlfriend already knows.

Physical Games

The next time your girlfriend wants to hit the gym, suggest that she try out one of these games instead.

  1. Dance Dance Revolution: Play Dance Dance Revolution with your girlfriend, and she’ll enjoy the rhythm and music.
  2. Wii Fit: Wii Fit will challenge your girlfriend to maintain balance and build her fitness level.
  3. Wii Sports: This game is full of fun sports, including boxing, bowling, and tennis.
  4. Let’s Yoga: If your girlfriend enjoys yoga, introduce her to this game that will help her build a program of poses.
  5. Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum: Whether she’s a fan of the Biggest Loser or just wants to get in shape, your girlfriend will have fun with this game.
  6. We Ski: If you can’t afford to take your girlfriend on a romantic ski trip, give her the next best thing with this skiing game.
  7. Let’s Pilates: Help your girlfriend learn a variety of Pilates exercises with this video game.

Simulation Games

Simulation games are great for gaming newbies because they offer a familiar action and make it more fun by turning it into a game.

  1. Cooking Mama: If your girlfriend loves to cook, she’ll enjoy Cooking Mama, which is full of mini cooking games.
  2. Burnout: Few things are as universally satisfying as crashing cars and causing damage, so get your girlfriend to check this one out.
  3. Wii Music: This fun game includes hand bells, drums, and more, and can be played alone or as a team.
  4. Karaoke Revolution: This game offers lots of singing fun, as it detects your pitch and rates your singing skills.
  5. Animal Crossing: This life simulation video game takes place in real time, and creates a virtual life for anthropomorphic animals.
  6. Order Up!: Put your girlfriend’s culinary skills to the test with this restaurant game.
  7. Calling All Cars: In this straightforward, easy to learn racing game, you’ll catch criminals and take them back to jail.
  8. The Sims: This highly addictive simulation game allows players to create lives for their virtual players.
  9. Soul Calibur: Let your girlfriend take out her frustrations in this friendly fighting game.
  10. Crackdown: Your girlfriend can crack down on crime in this shooter game.
  11. Grand Theft Auto: In this free-roaming game, your girlfriend can steal cars, shoot others, and advance as a hardened criminal.

Puzzle & Mini Games

Often, non-gamers aren’t interested in committing to games that are designed to be played over long periods of time, so introduce your girlfriend to these games that can be picked up and dropped at her convenience.

  1. LittleBigPlanet: LBP is a puzzle platformer and user generated content video game featuring knitted characters.
  2. Touchmaster: Touchmaster is full of highly addictive and fun video games.
  3. Boom Blox: This puzzle game features more than 300 single-player levels, plus 100 cooperative and competitive levels.
  4. Wario Ware: Smooth Moves: Wario Ware’s microgames generally last fewer than five seconds each, and have quick actions that must be accomplished.
  5. Dr. Mario: You’ll have to align vitamins to destroy viruses in this classic puzzle game.
  6. Puzzle Quest: Combat in this game is a lot like Bejeweled, in that you’ll swap positions to create a row or column of like tiles, which are removed and the spaces left behind are filled.
  7. Monster Lab: Play Frankenstein with this game that will allow you and your girlfriend to create a monster out of a variety of parts.
  8. Puyo Pop Fever: This game arranges different blob-like jelly creatures to pop them and cast a spell on opponents.
  9. Katamari: In this game, you’ll push around an adhesive ball to pick up objects.
  10. Super Puzzle Fighter: In this game, you’ll drop and arrange gems into blocks that will be eliminated.
  11. Super Monkey Ball: Similar to Katamari, Super Monkey Ball involves moving a ball across a set of platforms without falling, and collecting bananas along the way.

Familiar Games

Get your girlfriend hooked on gaming with the help of a little nostalgia.

  1. Wii Virtual Console: Through the Wii’s Virtual Console, you can find hundreds of game titles that your girlfriend might have enjoyed playing growing up.
  2. Tetris: Nearly everyone has played Tetris at some point in their lives, so use this game to pull your girlfriend into gaming.
  3. Super Paper Mario: If your girlfriend played Super Mario, there’s a good chance she’ll enjoy this role playing game.
  4. Price is Right: If your girlfriend loves The Price is Right, she may enjoy playing the pricing games on this video game.
  5. Street Fighter: Your girlfriend may not like the blood, but try out this old school fighting game that you can play together.
  6. Mario Kart: Mario Kart has been around since the Super Nintendo days, so your girlfriend may have loved playing this go kart racing game growing up.
  7. Sonic: There are a variety of Sonic games available for current consoles that your girlfriend might enjoy playing.
  8. Kingdom Hearts: If your girlfriend likes Disney characters, check out this game that offers Donald Duck and Goofy as companion characters.
  9. Donkey Kong: Another old familiar game with lots of titles is Donkey Kong. You can even try the Jungle Beat version for those who are musically inclined.

Intelligent Games

Appeal to your girlfriend’s reasonable side with these games that will test her brain power.

  1. Scene It: Available for the XBox 360, Scene It is a fun video trivia game about movies.
  2. Brain Age: Brain Age is published for the DS, and includes a variety of puzzles, tests, and math questions.
  3. Crosswords DS: If your girlfriend likes to complete crossword puzzles, introduce her to this game that will let her do them electronically.
  4. Smarty Pants: Trivia for Everyone: Answer 20,000 questions in 8 different categories in a variety of difficulty levels for lots of fun.
  5. Big Brain Academy: Your girlfriend will enjoy this game that will exercise her brain.
  6. Professor Layton and the Curious Village: This point and click adventure game for the Nintendo DS requires players to solve brainteasers and advance the game.
  7. Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader: Make the Grade: If your girlfriend is a fan of this game show, see if she’d enjoy playing the video game.

Dating Over 50: 100 Tips and Resources for Finding Love In Your Later Years

Dating is definitely not the same as it used to be. From online dating’s popularity to the new vision of life over 50, dating has moved from the traditional courtship to a more active and personalized endeavor, which is sometimes odd for those who are older or getting back into dating after a divorce or death. We recommend using the following resources and tips for knowledge and confidence to get back into the dating game.

Dating Sites for Seniors

Online dating sites are very popular and don’t hold the stigma they once did. From traditional matchmaking services to more modern online dating sites, these resources are sure to help you make a connection. All of these below are directed specifically at people at least 40 or 50 years old.

  1. SeniorFriendFinder. Exclusively for singles over 40, this site offers free member profiles and almost 500,000 members. You can use email, instant messaging, and video messaging to contact members with a paid subscription.
  2. Your Senior Dating Site. This dating site promises it’s about the people, so you won’t get advertisements, but you will get personal service and ease of use. Signing up is free, but you will need a membership to contact a potential date.
  3. SeniorMatch.com. This site is only for singles over 50 and imposes a minimum age as well. This is one of the largest senior dating sites.
  4. Primesingles.net. This site for those 40 and over has a fast sign-up and is easy to navigate.
  5. 50YearsPlus.com. "A singles site for seniors with integrity" is how they describe themselves at this site. Enjoy a seven-day free trial to see if you like this one before buying a membership.
  6. Executive Senior Dating. This matchmaking service conducts a 30-90 minute phone call with you and a matchmaking counselor to start their matching process.
  7. Real Mature Singles. For those 40 and over, this matching service verifies that every applicant is legitimate before providing services.
  8. Senior Singles Only. This matching service meets and screens all applicants in person. The applicants must be at least 40 and looking for a long-term relationship.
  9. Dating For Seniors. For dating, friends, or a life partner, this online dating site offers opportunities for older singles. Your free basic membership must be upgraded to a paid subscription in order to have full access to all services.
  10. Senior Passions. This free dating and social networking site offers the opportunity for "the next big love of your life, companionship, or just to make new friends."

General Dating Sites

These dating sites are not specifically for older singles, but they are very popular and usually have large member databases. You can specify what age range you are interested in meeting, so feel free to give these a try too.

  1. Yahoo! Personals. Completely free, this online dating service offers a wide range of categories from which you can search. Due to the lack of cost and the popularity of Yahoo!, you are sure to find lots of potential here.
  2. Match.com. One of the top online dating services, Match.com provides a huge member database. You can browse for free, but you will need a membership to contact any potential matches.
  3. Chemistry.com. A part of Match.com, and working like eHarmony, this site relies on matching techniques to connect people. For those who have been rejected by eHarmony, Chemistry.com offers a great chance to try this method of online dating.
  4. eHarmony. This dating service offers a unique approach to online dating. Instead of browsing for dates or waiting for someone to come to you, they rely on a complex personality matching formula and provide you with potential matches.
  5. Perfectmatch.com. Using a compatibility system, this dating site emails you when a good match becomes available. Perfectmatch.com has been receiving lots of rave reviews recently.
  6. SinglesNet. This free service offers most of the same services available in the for-pay dating services. Gaining in popularity, the database is over 5 million large.
  7. Lavalife. Choose to look for dates, relationships, or intimate encounters on this site. You can create three different profiles for each of the three different categories offered or select only one or two of them. This service is totally free and has a huge member base.
  8. Great Expectations. Combining online dating services and in-person matchmaking, this service meets every member in person and creates a match for potential dates. They also offer invitations to Great Expectations events where you can meet members face-to-face. This service is available in about 50 cities in the U.S.
  9. Matchmaker. Answer questions about major issues to create your matchability with this site. The service is free, but you will need to pay if you want to contact a member.
  10. Plentyoffish.com. This totally free site matches singles from around the world. Touting itself as a dating site for everyone, you can choose a specific type of dating environment such as older couples or Christian Dating.

Tips for Online Dating

Navigating the world of online dating may seem overwhelming at first. Follow these simple tips to help you create a great profile, know how to communicate well, and keep yourself safe.

  1. Name. Choose a fun and creative name for your profile. Make sure it reflects your personality, too.
  2. Profile. Keep your profile short, but succinct. Add humor and make it truly an extension of yourself. Proofread it and have a friend do so too so that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.
  3. Photo. Make sure your photo is of a good quality, recent, and reflects who you are. For example, if you love dogs, include your pooch in the photo too.
  4. Respond to everyone who writes you. It doesn’t have to be much, but at least let the person know if you are interested or not.
  5. Keep it short. When you first start correspondence with someone, you don’t have to tell your whole life story at once. Let it unfold slowly.
  6. Make contact. Don’t just focus on one person. Be sure to contact several people who look interesting.
  7. Be honest. Not only should you be honest about who you are and what you look like, you should also be honest if you are no longer interested in corresponding with them.
  8. Don’t get too personal. Getting too personal or talking about sex can be very off-putting. Let the relationship develop in its own time.
  9. Be safe. Don’t disclose any personal information such as a personal email address, IM account, or phone number until you’re sure you can trust the person you’re giving them to. Most dating sites provide email and IM accounts that protect your privacy, so take advantage of these.
  10. In person. If you decide to move beyond the dating site, first talk by phone. After a few phone conversations, if you decide to meet in person, keep it in a public place and consider having a friend at a nearby table to secretly monitor the situation.

Opportunities for Meeting People Off Line

Don’t just depend on online resources for dating. There are lots of ways to find dates through more traditional routes. If you live in a senior community, there are often planned activities to meet new friends and partners. If not, get out there and enjoy learning or doing something new and you just might find a new partner, too.

  1. Clubs. Join a club. With everything out there from the Elk’s club to a nature conservancy group, you are sure to find a group of folks with similar interests as you.
  2. Volunteer. Volunteering can be a great way to meet people and stay social. You will be making a difference, too.
  3. Book group. Combine reading with the social aspect of discussing your book to share an interest and possibly meet a dating partner.
  4. Cooking class. Take a cooking class will not only get you out and meeting new people, you will be learning how to eat more healthily, too.
  5. Cards. Playing cards is a fun and social experience. Find a group that meets regularly and join in.
  6. Exercise group. Join an exercise group. Many groups are available that offer group opportunities such as aquatics, walking, or yoga.
  7. Classes. Take an adult continuing education class and learn something new. Many universities and community colleges offer courses ranging from web design to throwing pottery.
  8. Travel. There are many chances for group travel experiences that offer the opportunity for you to meet new people. The bonus to finding someone while traveling is that you know you both have the desire to explore and learn.
  9. Dance. Take a dance class if you’re new to dancing, or sign up for a group that dances regularly if you already love to dance.
  10. Get a dog. Not only will having a dog keep you company, but taking your dog out for walks, to local parks, or just around town with you opens up tons of opportunities for you to connect with other dog owners or just friendly animal lovers.


All of these articles touch on dating in your later years. From using senior dating sites to first date anxiety to flirting, these resources will help you feel more confident in your dating abilities.

  1. How to Use Senior Dating Sites. This article offers good advice and tips for seniors on using online dating sites. This is especially helpful if you have limited experience with online groups.
  2. Making the Most of the Senior Dating Sites. Another article on senior dating sites, this one suggests how to select an online service and some things to look for once you begin making connections with other singles.
  3. Senior Dating Tips. This article offers some great tips for getting back out there on the dating scene.
  4. Suddenly Single Seniors and Dating. Check out this article for great suggestions on dating, and specifically, finding someone through personal ads.
  5. Seeking Love. This article offers real life stories and suggestions for dating when you are over 45. Here’s the proof that you don’t have to feel like life has passed you by just because you aren’t 20 anymore.
  6. How to Overcome First Date Anxiety. Directed specifically at those getting back into the dating game after age 50, this article offers some great ideas to ensure you are feeling comfortable.
  7. Seniors Dating. From ideas on where to look for a partner to some potential pitfalls to benefits of dating later in life, this article covers it all.
  8. Mature Dating–Late Joiner. For advice on how to blend families in the later years, this short article offers helpful tips on how to facilitate the blending process.
  9. Prime Time Women: Fifty is Not What It Used To Be. Find out why dating in your fifties is so great for women. And men, you can get tips on how to succeed with these dynamos.
  10. How to Flirt Online. If you are giving online dating a try, this flirting primer will help you walk that fine line between showing interest and not showing too much.


Blogs are a great way to learn from the experience of regular people. All of these blogs are either written specifically for dating over 50 or written by people sharing their experiences of dating over 50.

  1. ChaiLife Atlanta. While this blog is specifically for Jewish daters over 45 in the Atlanta area, it also offers plenty of advice and support for those dating later in life, despite their location or religious affiliation.
  2. You don’t have to be a "10" to find love after 50. Read an inspirational story about fate and finding your partner. This blog offers a sweet story of how an older couple found each other on JDate and the extraordinary circumstances of their lives.
  3. Falling in Love at 49. Read about the coming together of this woman and her husband as they discover love. Browse her blog for other posts with advice on dating later in life.
  4. Mature Dating: From Despair and Disappointment to Delight, Adventure, Ease, and Joy. This blog isn’t being updated anymore, but it contains lots of posts offering advice on dating after 50.
  5. Misery Date. This entertaining blog post describes one woman’s approach to dating in her later years–and it’s all about embracing who you are and what you want.
  6. Are You a Love Snob? Read about how some people approach love and commitment. This blog post will get you thinking about what is important in a relationship and what it means to you.
  7. Over 50 and Single? Take a few minutes for yourself. Get tips on dating after 50 from this post. Use the search tool on this blog for other posts on dating from this 50+ writer.
  8. Sex and Ageism in the Movies. This woman ponders the way Hollywood presents sex and romance for those in their 40s and 50s.
  9. Safe Sex: Affection with Protection. As this writer states, "After more than a year of being single, what I have learned is this: Condoms are a fact of life." Find out which condoms rate high with this woman.
  10. The Dating Game. This Baby Boomer writes about online dating after 50 and why it’s becoming so popular in this age group.

Dating after Divorce or Death of a Spouse

The loss of a spouse through either divorce or death can be devastating. Once you have given yourself time to grieve your loss, don’t stay mired in the past. Follow these suggestions to get yourself in a good place to start dating again.

  1. Move beyond the past. You will not be able to move forward until you resolve your feelings about the break-up of your marriage or the death of your partner. Once you work through these feelings, you’ll find yourself in a much better place to go on with your life.
  2. Rekindle old interests. Did you once have a passion for photography? Pick up that camera again. You may find that you can rediscover yourself through those interests you pushed aside years ago.
  3. Find new interests. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to paint or go kayaking. Taking up new interests now will help you rediscover qualities about yourself you may have forgotten. It will also get you out and meeting new people.
  4. Learn to enjoy your own company. After living with someone for a while, it can be difficult to enjoy doing things alone. Find ways to have fun on your own.
  5. Take care of yourself. If you’ve gained a few extra pounds, find a way to get some exercise. Eat healthfully and take time to pamper yourself. If you feel good about the way you look and feel, others will too.
  6. Lose the negative self-image. If you feel poorly about yourself, you are likely to attract people who will treat you badly. Make a list of your good qualities and remind yourself often of them. Work on building yourself up.
  7. Reconnect with old friends. Track down old friends with whom you’ve lost touch over the years. Whether you find you’ve still got lots in common or you’ve both moved on, it will likely enrich your life anyway.
  8. Develop new friendships. New friendships and support systems can help ease your transition after divorce or the death of a spouse. Find ways to connect with new friends of either gender.
  9. Volunteer. No matter if you have a lot of free time or almost none, there is some place you can volunteer your time. Devoting some time working for others is a great way to discover new things about yourself. You can also spend time in looking after your pets. A dog can be very good companion, especially in troubled times.
  10. Find a new job. Whether you are retired, you spent your life rearing children, or you’ve been working in a job you hate, get out there and find something fun you enjoy doing. You will meet new people and add a new dimension to your life.

Going on a Date

Now you’ve connected with someone and it’s time for your date. You will want to follow these tips to ensure everything goes smoothly and you and your partner have a great time together.

  1. Show interest. You have accepted or asked someone on a date, so spend that time finding out about them. Try not to compare them to any ex partners, but find out what makes them unique and fun to know.
  2. Dress appropriately. Dress in nice, clean clothes that reflect who you are. Don’t try to dress too young or too casually as you want to make an honest impression on your date.
  3. Don’t go too fast. Loneliness or the desire to fill a gap left empty by an ex may drive you to want to find someone right away. Instead, slow down and appreciate the chance you have to enjoy meeting others.
  4. Relax. Leave your insecurities about being on the dating scene at home. Have fun, enjoy your date, and you will find your date will appreciate you for just being yourself.
  5. Don’t worry about imperfections. Your laugh lines show how much you’ve enjoyed life just as imperfections such as scars reflect the interesting life you’ve led. Don’t spend time worrying about these small character traits–enjoy your date instead.
  6. Be accepting. Know that your date has also lived a full life that may not be exactly what you expect. Be accepting of the fact that your date may have commitments to children, debt from divorce, or any other number of factors that you might not have anticipated.
  7. But don’t settle. Just because you are feeling lonely, don’t settle for less than what you deserve. A woman who always breaks your dates to be with her friends or a man who treats you with no respect are just not worth your time.
  8. Be aware of old patterns. If you have a history of dating or marrying a certain type of destructive person, learn how to break the cycle. Especially if your past choices have lead you to dangerous situations such as drug abuse or violence, seek help to learn how to get away from your old patterns.
  9. Whether to have sex. Whether or not to have sex with your date or how quickly to engage in sex may have a very different feel now than when you were twenty. Listen to yourself and do what you feel is right.
  10. Practice dating. Let yourself go out with people who might not be the perfect match. This allows you to get back into the swing of things with a lot less pressure to make the date go perfectly.

Date Ideas

Whether it’s your first date together or your fifth, these ideas will spark conversation and help you learn about each other in an environment of fun, art, charity, or knowledge.

  1. Picnic. Pack up a simple, romantic lunch or dinner and head out to a park. Sharing a meal together in nature is not only romantic, but it allows you the opportunity to get to know each other against a beautiful backdrop.
  2. Get active. If you both play golf or tennis, take your first date on the go. After your game, you can stop off for a refreshing drink and snack to wrap up the date.
  3. Museum. Visit a museum together. Wandering through the art or even deciding which type of museum to visit will tell you much about the other and is a fun way to spend the day.
  4. Take a cooking class. With so many cooking classes available, you can decide on a type of class and pass a few hours learning how to prepare a special meal. Maybe your next date can be using your newfound skills to cook for each other.
  5. Book reading. Attend a reading at a book store. You might discover you share a passion for the same books, author, or just reading in general.
  6. Vino. Whether you have a nearby winery you can tour together or you can experience a wine tasting at a local store, share the fun of exploring wine together while you learn about each other.
  7. Charity event. Attend a charity event together. The group setting may ease any first-date jitters and you will be helping a good cause.
  8. On the water. Go out to a local river or lake and rent a paddle boat, kayak, or canoe. Whether you have experience or not doesn’t matter, it’s about having fun together.
  9. See a play. Theater doesn’t have to be a big production or expensive. Many community and university theaters offer interesting, well-done, and affordable productions that you and your date can enjoy together.
  10. Outdoor market. Head to an outdoor market such as a farmer’s market or flea market. Walking through and discovering what is available will allow the two of you to find out more about each other.


Your sexuality doesn’t go away after you turn 50. The following information and tips will help you stay safe, have fun, and enjoy the next level of your dating experience once you’ve found that special someone.

  1. Aging. According to an AARP study, 49% of older couples engage in sexual intercourse once a week or more. That number drops to 34% in those over 70, but it looks like the myth of older couples not enjoying sex is just not true.
  2. Antidepressants. Many people on antidepressants relate how their sex drive is almost eliminated. Most of the medications responsible for the loss of libido are SSRIs. Check with your doctor about take Wellbutrin, which has been shown to actually increase sex drive in one study.
  3. Don’t stop. Not having sex can have negative effects for when you want to begin again. For women, the elasticity of the vaginal walls breaks down and for men, the blood flow is inhibited by lack of use. The good news is that if you don’t have a partner, masturbation will help keep everything working in proper order.
  4. Sexual peak. While men reportedly have their sexual peak in their teens or 20s and women in their 30s or 40s, there is also information suggesting that men and women also have a psychological sexual peak that is different from the physical peak more commonly known. For both men and women, the psychological peak occurs in their 50s.
  5. Having sex. Once you begin having sex with a new partner, always take precautions against STDs. Talk openly with your partner about your sexual health and use condoms. Just because pregnancy might not be an issue doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about STDs.
  6. Condom care. Keeping a condom in your wallet is not a good idea. The friction and temperature changes can create microscopic tears in the condom that allow sperm to get through.
  7. Polyurethane condoms. Condoms made of lambskin are effective against pregnancy, but they do not protect you from STDs. If you have a latex allergy, polyurethane condoms are a good alternative. Recent studies show that they are as effective against STDs as latex condoms.
  8. Prostate health. A study published in the Journal of American Medical Association indicates that frequent ejaculation helps improve prostate health. That’s good news for men.
  9. Dryness. Vaginal dryness can negatively effect the sexual experience for women and the reduction in hormones that occurs with age can produce more dryness. Try using a lubricant specifically designed to replicate the natural secretions such as K-Y Silk-E or Astroglide.
  10. Kegel. These exercises have long been known to help women reduce incontinence after menopause, but they also help men to improve performance and enhance orgasm. Start doing Kegel exercises today.

Wedding Planning on the Web: 100 Tools and Resources for Brides to Be

Wedding planning is an exciting but incredibly involved undertaking, so it’s important that you take advantage of all of the tools you have at your disposal. One of the most useful of these tools is the Internet, which is full of advice, planners, and other great resources for pulling everything together. Here, we’ve shared 100 of the best of what the Internet has to offer for brides.


These sites are the ones you hear about often. They generally have full-service tools, vendor listings, inspiration and more, creating a one-stop shop for brides.

  1. The Knot: This perennial favorite has it all-dresses, fashion, planning tools, and loads of inspiration. Just take it slowly, and don’t get overwhelmed.
  2. Martha Stewart Weddings: Martha has awesome planning tools, crafty advice, etiquette, and so much more.
  3. OneWed: OneWed offers planning resources, an active community of brides, plus free wedding websites.
  4. Brides.com: This popular bridal magazine’s website is alive and well offering wedding style, planning, and much more.
  5. WeddingWire: Wedding Wire is an awesome resource for brides. You can find vendors and ask them to bid their services, build a site, talk to other brides, and a whole lot more.
  6. Get Married: Lifetime’s wedding site has feature video, planning tools, advice, and plenty of other useful resources for brides.
  7. WeddingChannel: Here you’ll find resources for planning, lots of photo galleries, and shopping tips.

General Advice

Visit these sites to find answers to your wedding questions.

  1. WikiWeddings: WikiWeddings has advice for just about every part of wedding planning.
  2. Mahalo: Mahalo has a great collection of wedding how-tos.
  3. About.com Weddings: About.com has an incredibly helpful and extensive collection of wedding resources and advice.


With these resources, you can get your wedding budget under control.

  1. How to Make a Wedding Budget: Mahalo offers some sound advice for putting together a wedding budget.
  2. Easy Budget Wedding Worksheet: About offers a worksheet for figuring out your wedding budget.
  3. The $28,000 question: Why are we all hypocrites about weddings?: Ramit Sethi offers some frank advice about financing and saving for your wedding.
  4. Top 5 Biggest Wedding Money Wasters: About.com covers a few things you shouldn’t bother spending money on.
  5. Mint.com as a Wedding Budget Tracking Tool: Find out how you can use Mint to stay on top of wedding finance.
  6. How to Save Money on Your Wedding Ceremony and Reception: wikiHow shares a few pieces of advice for cutting costs.
  7. She had a fabulous wedding on a budget: CNN profiles a woman who had an affordable wedding, and offers a lot of tips for brides who want to save money.
  8. Revealing the Hidden Costs of Weddings: Investopia takes a look at some expenses you might not have thought of.
  9. Wedding Budget Etiquette: This article simply breaks down the etiquette rules for wedding costs.
  10. The marriage industrial complex: Salon interviews the author of "One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding" and breaks down the idea of the wedding industrial complex.

Wedding Planners

With these tools and resources, you can make wedding planning a simple task.

  1. One Stop Wedding Planner: This online planner will cover all of your bases with ease.
  2. Planganza: Organize your wedding, get vendors, and lots more on this site.
  3. Why Hire a Wedding Coordinator?: Find out why a coordinator can help you save your sanity and money at the same time.
  4. Wedding Control: Use this site to manage your invitations, guests, and more.
  5. OurWeddingDay: On this site, you’ll find loads of free tools for managing your wedding.
  6. Weddinic: This awesome tool will help you stay on task with wedding planning.


Get your guests organized and happy with these resources.

  1. How to Organize Your Wedding Guest List with Complete Ease: Learn how you can make creating your guest list as painless as possible.
  2. See You Then: Get all of your guests organized on this event planning site.
  3. JotSpot: This family site can help you corrdinate schedules and get your family organized.
  4. SimpleSeating: Use this tool to drap and drop your guests into seating arrangements.

Music & Entertainment

Get ideas for ceremony music, find a DJ, and more with these resources.

  1. WeddingWire Music Database: WeddingWire’s collection of wedding songs offers the ability to listen to clips.
  2. Wedding Music 101: Check out this advice site for advice on hiring a band or DJ, what to play and when you should play it, as well as tips for avoiding music mistakes.
  3. GigSalad: Book your wedding talent on this site.
  4. It’s a nice day for an iPod Wedding: CNet has a little bit of advice for couples who are thinking of using an iPod for wedding music.
  5. Out Wedding Songs: This site has a song for every moment of your wedding-and other brides have rated and commented on what they think of them.
  6. WeDJ: On WeDJ, you can find an awesome local disc jockey to play your wedding.
  7. Top 100 Party Songs: This site lists all of the wedding favorites.

Invitations & Website

These resources are great for help with sharing information.

  1. Wedding Websites: This site makes it easy to find the wedding website for you, offering lots of listings and reviews.
  2. WeddingMapper: This tool is great for showing guests exactly where everything is.
  3. Wedding invitation wording that won’t make you barf: Offbeat Bride has some great ideas for wording your wedding invitations.
  4. What to put on your wedding website: Aisle Dash offers 7 things you should have on your website.

Fashion & Style

Check out wedding dresses, learn about alterations, and get style inspiration from these resources.

  1. Bridal Gown Shopping Rules: A seamstress offers her advice for brides when looking for a wedding dress.
  2. Wedding Dress Creator: With this tool, you can design your own dress.
  3. Everything you need to know about having your wedding dress custom-made: The title says it all-this article has great advice for getting a wedding dress made just for you.
  4. Custom Fit Tool: Brides.com offers a tool for matching your body type with a flattering dress.
  5. Bride on a Budget: Finding Cheap Wedding Dresses: This article has some great advice for brides who want to save money on their dress.
  6. Wedding Color Palette: With this tool, you can put together a color palette for your wedding.
  7. 10 Resources to Help You Find and Purchase Blood-Free Diamonds: Check out this advice to find a diamond wedding ring you don’t have to feel guilty about.
  8. Dress Your Wedding: David’s Bridal’s tool will help you visualize your wedding party.
  9. Design*Sponge: Design*Sponge is one of the best places to go for inspiration and DIY ideas.
  10. Etsy: Even if you don’t buy from Etsy sellers, you’ll get some awesome inspiration for wedding style.
  11. The Great Bustle Debate: Get a look at a few different ways to bustle your dress here.
  12. Wedding Dress Directory: The Wedding Channel has amassed a collection of over 30,000 gowns for inspiration and planning.

Health & Beauty

These resources will help you stay healthy and beautiful for your big day.

  1. WeddingMakeup.com: This site has great advice and resources for wedding makeup.
  2. Makeup Trial: Aislewalk’s makeup worksheet will help you plan your wedding day look.
  3. Which Bridal Hair Style Should You Choose?: Style Hair Magazine offers ideas and inspiration.
  4. How to Adapt your Makeup for your Wedding Day: This tutorial offers a step by step guide to doing your own makeup.
  5. Taaz: Upload your photo to this site, and you can experiment with different makeup looks.
  6. The Pre-Wedding Health Guide: 25 Things Every Bride Should Do to Stay Healthy Before the Big Day: Check out this article for some great advice on being a healthy bride.

Tech Tools

Take your wedding planning to the next level with these handy tools.

  1. How to Plan a Wedding…Google Style: This blogger explains how she uses Google tools to plan her wedding.
  2. Streamlining Family Projects with Google Docs: See how you can put together your wedding on Google Docs.
  3. Backpack: 37Signals’ organization and collaboration tool is awesome for wedding planning.
  4. Excel: A perennial favorite, this spreadsheet program is still one of the best tools for wedding planning.


Find and manage vendors with these resources.

  1. Selecting a Photographer for Your Wedding: Professional Photographers of America offers a few things to think about when hiring a wedding photographer.
  2. Citysearch: Citysearch is a great place to get the truth about potential wedding vendors.
  3. A Beautiful Affair of the Heart: Check out this site to find an officiant to marry you.
  4. Yahoo! Local: Yahoo!’s directory offers an easy way to locate potential wedding vendors.
  5. Wedding Cakes Across America: Check out this site’s gallery of cakes, and find a baker that will make one for you on this site.
  6. Yelp: Yelp offers easy to find listings and reviews on local wedding vendors.
  7. Wedding Cake Creations: This site has a great gallery of cakes, lots of advice, and a tools for finding your own cake maker.
  8. Google Local: Find websites, contact information and more for wedding service professionals in your area with Google.

Green Weddings

Use these resources to plan a wedding that’s easy on the earth.

  1. Portovert: Portovert is an awesome resource for finding an environmentally friendly location, vendors, and lots more.
  2. Great Green Weddings: Any bride interested in having an eco-friendly wedding needs to check out this site.
  3. How to Green Your Wedding: TreeHugger offers some tips and other great information for creating a wedding that’s light on the environment.
  4. Ethical Weddings: From wedding gowns to suppliers, Ethical Weddings has you covered.


With these resources, you can get involved with planning all of the fun parties that will surround your wedding.

  1. The Bachelor Party Photo Guide: Popular Photography has some advice for grooms who want to keep their night of debauchery a secret.
  2. BridesmaidAid: This site has some great advice for bridesmaids planning a bridal shower. If you want to make creative t-shirts or party favors for the event, take advantage of this Customized Girl Promo Code.
  3. Bachelorette Party Guide: Here you’ll find an awesome resource for drinking games, scavenger hunts, and more.

Wedding Horror

Look to these sites for both warnings and entertainment.

  1. Ugly Dress: Don’t subject your bridesmaids to this.
  2. Etiquette Hell: Check out the stories on this site to learn what not to do.

Blogs & Communities

Blogs and bridal communities are perhaps the most valuable resources a bride can have. They’re great about providing the latest trends, ideas, and tips that brides can use for planning, so be sure to check them out.

  1. Wedded Bits: Brides.com’s blog has planning tips, trend coverage, and weddings in the news.
  2. Hostess with the Mostess: The Hostess blog is good for any party, but brides will enjoy the fresh take found here.
  3. Offbeat Bride: Ariel Stallings’ blog is an ode to brides that don’t want to mess with poofy dresses. Here you’ll find inspiration-"wedding porn"-for making your wedding unique and personal.
  4. IndieBride: IndieBride’s Kvetch has a nice community of brides with great ideas.
  5. Wedding Bee: Wedding Bee is a group blog for engaged women, but it’s more than just entries-the blog has a strong community as well as classifieds.
  6. A Practical Wedding: Meg’s blog offers advice for planning a wedding that won’t drive you crazy.
  7. Bridal Bar Blog: The Bridal Bar is an awesome blog to check out for inspiration.
  8. WeddingWire: The Blog: WeddingWire’s blog is a nice mix of trend watches, current events, and advice for brides.
  9. Elizabeth Anne Designs: Elizabeth’s blog practically defines wedding style, featuring breathtaking photos and lots of inspiration.
  10. AisleDash: Aisle Dash is full of awesome galleries and advice.
  11. IDoSugar: This new blog is full of great ideas and current events in weddings.
  12. Polka Dot Bride: This Australia-based wedding blog is obsessed with cute style.
  13. {ritzy bee blog}: Ritzy Bee is all about wedding details.


Find even more great resources for wedding planning here.

  1. Wedding Vows: This site is full of sample vows, plus entire ceremonies and poems.
  2. How to buy cheap flowers for wedding centerpieces: Find advice for cutting your floral cost at the reception here.
  3. Napkin Folding Arrangements: Check out a variety of arrangements and learn how to execute them here.
  4. Honeymoon Sex: Eight Adventurous Ideas: Grooms Magazine has some fun ideas for taking sex out of the honeymoon suite.
  5. DIY Network: The DIY Network has loads of wedding related projects to check out.
  6. Wedding Food Tips: Here you’ll find a variety of tips for food and alcohol.
  7. 7 Tips on Destination Weddings: Smart Money offers some advice for couples considering a destination wedding.

10 Essential Dating Lessons from Sex and the City


There is no denying the impact that "Sex and the City" has made on the contemporary dating scene. Just ask any single, cosmopolitan woman and she will undoubtedly be familiar with the many adventures of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda. We could all learn from the show, as it bravely unmasks every dirty detail of finding love in the modern world. Below are the 10 most essential dating lessons from "Sex and the City."

  1. It’s Okay to Be Single – This was perhaps the most important lesson that "Sex and the City" bestowed upon the world, particularly where women were concerned. Although singledom didn’t always bring happiness to the four main characters, the ladies sure made it look like fun 90 percent of the time.

    To be single means to be independent, and with a fairy tale-like Manhattan glittering in the background, the show made us all feel okay with the idea of being single. These women were not spinsters — they were cosmopolitan sexpots. Refreshing, indeed.

  2. Sex Can Be Healthy – Let’s face it: sex changed for us all when the AIDS virus started taking lives in the 1980s. Although we learned more about the disease and how it is contracted by the time we entered the 1990s, this association between sex and death still permeated the single community. With that came guilt for those who still enjoyed casual sex from time to time.

    Enter "Sex and the City" in 1998 and we all breathed a sigh of relief — people were still having sex! Safe sex, in all its full-frontal glory, was a huge part of the television series. Although this probably didn’t endear the show to religious fundamentalists, most people applauded its candor and a wiser, safer sexual revolution was born.

  3. Test the Waters Before Marriage – Who can forget Charlotte’s doomed marriage to the seemingly perfect Trey? After meeting what she thought was the perfect man, the ever-romantic Charlotte decided to wait until marriage to consummate their love, only to discover later that he couldn’t be intimate with her.

    Of course, some people still believe that sex before marriage is wrong. Those same people probably don’t watch "Sex and the City" for love lessons. Most of us need to test the waters before marriage, as intimacy is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Even if you plan to save sex for marriage, it’s important that you ask questions about your partner’s sexual health.

  4. You Can Score Outside of Your League – Never underestimate your ability to find love with someone who is seemingly "out of your league." Is someone you are interested in really good looking or in a higher socioeconomic class? This doesn’t mean you weren’t meant to be. Chances are, the idea that you aren’t good enough is just your skewed perception. Believe it or not, true love transcends superficiality.

    In a Season Three episode, Miranda begins dating a hot NYPD detective and subsequently ruins the relationship because she is so self-conscious about her own looks. Of course, he finds her very attractive, but her insecurity gets in the way of what could have been a great thing. Charlotte, on the other hand, learns that looks and WASPy status isn’t nearly as important as her love for second husband Harry.

  5. Don’t Change Who You Are – This is a constant theme throughout the show, which only supports the girl power vibe for which "Sex and the City" is so well known. Never lose yourself in a relationship in order to conform to the other person’s life or ideals. Carrie found herself changing for a few men in the show. Although Aidan was seemingly the perfect guy, he wasn’t perfect for her.

    One of the more hilarious episodes showed Aidan unsuccessfully introducing the great outdoors to Carrie, a concrete-loving New York City girl. Towards the end of the series, Carrie again found herself lost in a relationship with a man: Russian artist Aleksandr Petrovsky. After pushing her best girlfriends away and moving to Paris with Aleksandr, she soon found she was unhappy because she was living his life instead of her own.

  6. Your Friends are the Best Sounding Boards – Not only did "Sex and the City" teach us that being single was okay, it glorified the tight bonds between friends. The ladies on the show shared every detail of their romantic lives with each other. Not sure what to think of your current love interest? Your BFFs could impart some valued, third party opinions.

    Of course, not all of us listen to sound advice, which was the case many times on the show. Charlotte was warned that she was moving too fast with Trey, and how many times was Carrie reminded how difficult Mr. Big could be?

  7. Don’t Drag Out a Doomed Relationship – If the signs are there, don’t ignore them. Carrie found a very nice guy in Aidan, but she knew he wasn’t right for her. Still, she persevered, even sharing her coveted Manhattan apartment with him. Never mind her refusal to wear her engagement ring on her finger — when Aidan started messing with her apartment, we all knew there was trouble.

    Of course, the most painful attempt to "make it work" on the show was poor Charlotte and her unwavering devotion to Trey. Yep, a grown man who bathes with his intrusive mother in the room is probably one to avoid. Still, Charlotte agonized as she tried to be the perfect wife in an imperfect relationship.

  8. Learn to Accept the Other Person’s Disinterest – One of the most memorable phrases ever uttered throughout the series was "he’s just not that into you." In fact, this even spawned a hit book and an upcoming film. After a flirty Miranda asks a date to come upstairs to her apartment, she is bewildered when the guy blows her off. How could he possibly decline what was a thinly veiled invitation for sex?

    Carrie’s boyfriend Berger informs Miranda that, "he’s just not that into you." Sometimes, it is as simple as that: he or she just isn’t into you and you need to move on. Don’t overanalyze it — just simply find someone who is into you. Yes, it might hurt your ego a little bit, but Miranda didn’t let it bother her that much. In fact, the always-logical lawyer reveled in its simplicity.

  9. Stop Waiting for Perfection – Are you looking for that fairy tale romance? Do you believe in that one true soul mate who will enter your life in cinematic bravado? Then wake up now and realize that perfection rarely exists. Relationships are messy and loud — even the good ones. You really do have to work at it.

    Charlotte was almost childlike in her expectations of a "perfect" relationship. This would result in a lot of disappointment. Likewise, Carrie and Mr. Big would experience a cavalcade of break ups before they finally realized that they loved each other despite the fact that their relationship was far from perfect.

  10. Opposites Can Attract – This isn’t just about someone who is out of your league, but someone who is your complete opposite. Although you may be looking for love in someone similar to yourself, you just might your soul mate in a person who is totally different.

    Would the work-obsessed and overly responsible Miranda ever dream she would marry a childish bartender? Surprisingly, it actually worked once she finally accepted that opposites really do attract, and can work to balance each other.

Dating After Divorce: 50 Tips to Get Back into the Groove

By Tara Miller

Divorce can leave you reeling, but when you start to pick up the pieces of your life and decide to move back into dating, it can feel a bit strange. If you were married for a long time, you may even feel too intimidated to try dating again. Have no worries, you can jump back into dating and actually enjoy finding out about yourself and meeting other people in the process. The following list offers ideas on how to get prepared for dating, how to go about reconnecting and finding dates, and what to do when you actually start dating.

Re-establish Your Identity

Being a part of a couple for a while will certainly take some of your individuality away. Take advantage of this time after your divorce to find that individuality again. Learn new hobbies, find old friends, and treat yourself with respect. This list tells you how to do that and more.

  1. Let go of the past. You will not be able to move forward until you resolve your feelings about the break-up of your marriage and the divorce. Once you work through these feelings, you'll find yourself in a much better place to go on with your life.
  2. Rekindle old interests. Did you have a passion for photography before you got married? Pick up that camera again. You may find that you can rediscover yourself through those interests you pushed aside during the marriage.
  3. Find new interests. Maybe you've always wanted to learn how to paint or go kayaking. Taking up new interests now will help you rediscover qualities about yourself you may have forgotten. It will also get you out and meeting new people.
  4. Learn to enjoy your own company. After living with someone for a while, it can be difficult to enjoy doing things alone. Find ways to have fun on your own.
  5. Take care of yourself. If you've gained a few extra pounds, find a way to get some exercise. Eat healthily and take time to pamper yourself. If you feel good about the way you look and feel, others will too.
  6. Lose the negative self-image. If you feel poorly about yourself, you are likely to attract people who will treat you badly. Make a list of your good qualities and remind yourself often of them. Work on building yourself up.
  7. Develop new friendships. You don't have to ignore your old friends, but often it is helpful to have a new network of friends who didn't know you and your ex as a couple. New friendships and support systems can help ease your transition after divorce.
  8. Reconnect with old friends. Track down old friends with whom you've lost touch over the years. Whether you find you've still got lots in common or you've both moved on, it will likely enrich your life anyway.
  9. Volunteer. No matter if you have a lot of free time or almost none, there is some place you can volunteer your time. Devoting some time working for others is a great way to discover new things about yourself.
  10. Start a new career. If you've been working in a job you hate or if you were staying at home with the children, after a divorce is a good time to start down a new path. Start taking steps to get you going toward that career you've always wanted.

Social Networking

One of the most popular ways to stay in touch with friends is through social networking sites. With many sites, not only can you keep up with friends you see every day, but you can also follow those who live further away. Some social networking sites also serve as dating sites, too. If you aren't already familiar with social networking, after a divorce is a great time to discover it–you might be surprised to find so many of your friends already there. Check out some of these sites below.

  1. Facebook. Find your friends on Facebook, then share photos, play games like Scrabulous, and keep up with what's happening in their lives. Facebook allows you to adjust privacy controls so that you can choose who sees your profile information.
  2. MySpace. Like Facebook, MySpace allows you to connect with friends and stay current with their lives. MySpace offers music on the profiles and you can personalize your page to your liking.
  3. Twitter. If you just want to keep your friends updated and know what they are up to, Twitter allows you to type in a short update that goes out to your friends. If you like getting messages on your phone, have the updates go directly there.
  4. Pownce. Share messages, files, links, and events with your friends on Pownce. Its aesthetically pleasing design earned itself a place in 10 Most Beautiful Social Networks.
  5. Meetup.com. Choose an interest such as knitting, politics, or speaking French and find a group in your area. Meetups usually happen on a specified day of each month.
  6. Classmates.com. Use this site to find old friends from high school, college, the military, and workplaces. You can also connect with people through specific interest groups. This service is free, but to have full access, you will have to buy a subscription.
  7. Reunion.com. Reunion provides the opportunity to reconnect with old friends, family, and lost loves. With a free membership, you can create a profile and search for friends. With a paid subscription, you get other benefits such as finding out who was searching for you and sending messages to other members.
  8. Flickr. Upload your photos and share them with friends and family on this site. Search for people you know or join a special interest group such as people who appreciate black and white photography.
  9. Flixster. This is the social networking site for movie lovers. You can find your friends and share your favorite movies with them. Also, keep updated on the news from the movie world and meet other movie fans.
  10. Last.fm. For music fans, check out Last.fm. Upload music and videos, discover new music, and share your favorites with your friends. You can also find new friends with similar taste in music.
  11. Shelfari. Book lovers will love this site. Create a virtual book shelf of what you've read, are currently reading, or want to read and share with your friends. Connect with new friends in groups and share your book shelf on your blog or other social networking sites.

Online Dating

If you were married for more than a handful of years, dating is much different than it was when you were doing it before. Online dating is the most popular way to get out there and find a partner. The following list offers some of the most popular online dating services.

  1. Yahoo! Personals. Completely free, this online dating service offers a wide range of categories from which you can search. Due to not having a cost associated with it and the popularity of Yahoo!, you are sure to find lots of potential here.
  2. Match.com. One of the top online dating services, Match.com provides a huge member database. You can browse for free, but you will need a membership to contact any potential matches.
  3. Friendfinder. This site is ideal for those who are starting to date again and just want to get their feet wet. Friendfinder is great for anyone hoping to find fun, friend, and maybe even love. There's no pressure to hit it off romantically, so you can just enjoy the new people you meet.
  4. eHarmony. This dating service offers a unique approach to online dating. Instead of browsing for dates or waiting for someone to come to you, they rely on a complex personality matching formula and provide you with potential matches. 
  5. Perfectmatch.com. Using a compatibility system, this dating site emails you when a good match for you becomes available. Perfectmatch.com has been receiving lots of rave reviews recently.
  6. SinglesNet. This free service offers most of the same services available in the for-pay dating services. Gaining in popularity, the database is over 5 million strong.
  7. Lavalife. Choose to look for dates, relationships, or intimate encounters on this site. You can create three different profiles for each of the three different categories offered or select only one or two of them. This service is totally free and has a huge member base.
  8. Great Expectations. Combining online dating services and in-person matchmaking, this service meets every member in person and creates a match for potential dates. They also offer invitations to Great Expectations events where you can meet members face-to-face. This service is available in about 50 cities in the U.S.
  9. Matchmaker. Answer questions about major issues to create your matchability with this site. The service is free, but you will need to pay if you want to contact a member.
  10. American Singles. This site matches singles of any age and background. Touting itself as a dating site for everyone, you can choose a specific type of dating environment such as older or divorced couples.
  11. SeniorFriendFinder. This site advertises to 50 somethings. It has over 2 million singles in their system, and anyone can join for free.

Getting out There

You've prepared yourself, made connections, and have figured out how to find a date. Now it's time to actually go out. Follow these suggestions to make sure your first dating experiences go well and you enjoy yourself.

  1. Don't talk about the divorce. Especially if you just finalized the divorce or it was particularly messy, the temptation to talk about the details will be strong. Resist the temptation and focus on the person across the table from you instead.
  2. Keep child-talk to a minimum. If you have children, don't spend the whole date talking about them. Keep to a maximum of about five minutes, then move on to something else.
  3. Show interest. You have accepted or asked someone on a date, so spend that time finding out about them. Try not to compare them to your ex, but find out what makes them unique and fun to know.
  4. Don't go too fast. The unexpected loneliness of divorce or the desire to fill a gap left empty by your ex may drive you to want to remarry right away. Instead, slow down and enjoy the chance you have to enjoy meeting others or reconnecting with your interests.
  5. Relax. Leave your insecurities about being out of the dating scene at home. Have fun, enjoy your date, and you will find that your date will appreciate you for just being yourself.
  6. Be accepting. Know that your date has also lived a full life that may not be exactly what you expect. Be accepting of the fact that your date may have commitments to children, debt from divorce, or any other number of factors that you might not have anticipated.
  7. But don't settle. Just because you are feeling lonely, don't settle for less than what you deserve. A woman who always breaks your dates to be with her friends or a man who treats you with no respect are just not worth your time.
  8. Be aware of old patterns. If you have a history of dating (or marrying) a certain type of person, learn how to break the cycle. Especially if your past choices have lead you to dangerous situations such as drug abuse or violence, seek help to learn how to get away from your old patterns.
  9. Whether to have sex. Whether or not to have sex with your date or how quickly to engage in sex may have a very different feel after being married. You may want to jump right in there again or need to take things slowly. Listen to yourself and do what you need.
  10. Having sex. Once you do begin having sex again, always take precautions against STDs. Talk openly with your partner about your sexual health and use condoms.
  11. Practice dating. Let yourself go out with people who might not be the perfect match. This allows you to get back into the swing of things with a lot less pressure to make the date go perfectly.
  12. First relationship. Many experts believe that the first real relationship after your divorce is an important one for the healing process. Statistics indicate that this first relationship is very unlikely to last, but it provides you a chance to make the transition into your new life.

Dating with Kids

If you have children from your marriage, you have an added challenge to dating. Don't be discouraged, though. You can and should get out there even with a family. These tips offer ways to make dating and parenting work together.

  1. Talk to your kids. Let them know you will be meeting other people, but reassure them that you love them very much and no one will replace them. This article offers great advice for starting the conversation and keeping the lines open.
  2. Don't introduce every date. If you have your children meet every person you date, it can confuse them. Leave the introduction for that special someone who will be around for more than a few dates.
  3. Let the relationship with the kids happen naturally. If you introduce your children and they don't respond well, give them time. Don't try to force the relationship to happen or you may drive them away.
  4. Let parenting come in its time. If your new boyfriend or girlfriend is becoming more than just a casual date, don't force him or her into parenting your children too soon. When all of you are comfortable with soccer practice pick-ups or disciplining the children, it will occur naturally.
  5. Don't let the kids control you. Your children may feel resentful that you are spending less time with them if you start dating someone. Don't let their feelings stop you from dating. Listen to your children's feelings and then explain that you like to be with friends just like they do–and reassure them that you love them.
  6. Find a balance. You may feel that your children must always take priority over a date or that your need for a date must always take priority over the children. Neither way is healthy for you or your family. Find a balance and make time for both.

50+ Dating Tips for Gold Diggers

Quick: a cougar with $100 bills dripping from her pocketbook is passing you by! Do you a) follow behind her snatching up the money before dashing off; b) catch a handful of the cash and return it to her hoping for a reward; or c) leave all of the money on the ground and "bump" into her by mistake before whisking her off her feet and charming her into a solid relationship that results in your becoming her sole benefactor in her will. If you want lessons in how to be a successful gold digger, turn to this list of more than 50 tips, all designed to get you rich quick.

The Hunt

Find yourself a sugar daddy or sugar mama by following this advice.

  1. Get your priorities straight: Before unleashing your seduction prowess, make sure you know exactly what you want out of your next relationship. A man worth $1 million or an international playboy worth $100 million?
  2. Make your list: Keep your little black book up to date by researching Forbes’ lists of the richest men and women, the world’s top hedgefund managers and Saudi princes.
  3. Stay organized: If you get caught dating more than one millionaire at a time, you’ll blow your cover and you’ll never be able to show your face at a major benefit again. Stay organized and avoid double booking.
  4. Become a stalker: Knowing the habits and schedules of your potential mates will make it easier to seduce them.
  5. Get a boob job: You have to look the part, right? Women should get a boob job so they’ll more easily fit in with all the other gold diggers clinging on to their society men.
  6. Set up a fake business or money story to hide behind: No one can accuse you of being a gold digger if you’re already wealthy, can they? If you’re actually quite poor, come up with a story about a dead uncle who left you all of his money or a fake enterprise a la Wedding Crashers to give you a solid cover.
  7. Get an invitation: Trying to sneak into a gala or the VIP room without an invite will call unnecessary attention to yourself and make everyone suspect your legitimacy as a rich, important somebody. Step on whoever you can to get a real invitation.
  8. Join aSmallWorld: See if you can join this social networking site that’s reserved for the international jet setting group. You’ll meet new prey and will learn about the hottest parties to attend.
  9. Advertise on Craigslist: Put up a posting that asks for someone who has a good education, a job in a prestigious field and likes to take vacations.
  10. Before you ask someone their name, ask if they’ll buy you a drink: That way, you’ll know straight up if your potential sugar daddy or mama is okay with spending money freely on you.
  11. Go to auctions where there is a minimum bidding price: Scrape together the cash or tag along with a rich friend to an auction or fundraiser that requires each party goer to spend a certain amount on tickets and bids.
  12. Become well-versed in issues of finance: If you’re only going to be talking with rich men and women, make sure you are current on the stock market, economy, and anything else high society or money-related.
  13. Offer to pay for the tip: Tsk-tsk’ing your date away from paying the tip while you whip out your roll of $5 bills will make you seem generous and independent. If you don’t at least pay for the tip, you risk looking like a mooch.
  14. Wear lots of perfume, cologne, jewelry and outrageously fancy clothes: To blend in with the other rich people, of course.
  15. "Forget" to bring your credit card: If all you bring to the bars or to dinner is a few dollars, your date will have to pay for both of you.
  16. Only pursue cougars and older men: They’re the only ones with real money anyway.

Fitting In

Gold diggers must fit in with the "in" crowd if they want everyone to believe they’re genuinely attached to their millionaire lover.

  1. Always own the newest model of everything: Show everyone you’re on the cutting edge by having the newest phone, latest clothes and all the best toys no one’s even heard of yet.
  2. Show off your lover’s money: Show off your lover’s success by bragging to everyone how rich you two are.
  3. Act very smart and put on heirs: To convince everyone that you’re disgustingly rich, tell everyone that you went to Yale and Harvard and that your family vacationed in St. Tropez and Palm Beach during your breaks. If they ask you your last name, just make up something that sounds rich.
  4. Play tennis: Even if you don’t really know how to play tennis, you should still try to hold your own against those rich socialites who were trained by the professionals.
  5. Beg for more money: You’ll need a hefty allowance to shop for clothes, a nice car and lots of presents for your generous date.
  6. Become intoxicated at each party you attend: This sort of behavior is actually encouraged at rich people events, so you’ll fit in quite well.
  7. Spend ridiculous amounts of money everywhere you go: Spending lots of money isn’t just for cars, clothes or vacations. Spend way too much at the grocery store, the gas station and the convenience store to prove to everyone how important you and your partner are.
  8. Wear fur and jewelry in the middle of the afternoon: Just in case someone pops by and you need to show off.
  9. Become friends with other rich men or women…just in case: Even if you’re technically taken, you can still flirt with Donald Trump and Stavros Niarchos just in case something "happens" to your lover.
  10. Know everyone’s financial history backwards and forwards…and repeat it back to them whenever you can: Flatter your new friends by revealing to them how much you know about their bankruptcies, wills, new business ventures, trust funds and stock holdings. They’ll admire your attention to detail.

Getting What You Want, or, Focusing on the Money

Being a gold digger isn’t always easy. If you start to lose focus because sex with a much older man or woman is less appealing than you thought, or if you’re actually bored all day while everyone else is at work, follow this advice to keep you going strong.

  1. Only think about money: Even if you’ve realized that you don’t actually love your new spouse or partner, focus on the money to make yourself feel better.
  2. Recite "Money can buy you happiness" over and over: This little mantra will keep you focused even when you’re in the depths of despair.
  3. Don’t get a job: No matter how bad things get, you can always find another rich lover, but never get a job. You’ll ruin your reputation.
  4. Set up an affair for your lover: That way, you can catch him or her red handed, and demand new presents if they expect you to forgive them.
  5. Make your lover jealous by flirting with other millionaires: Start a bidding war by flirting with other millionaires or billionaires. You’ll make your lover jealous, encouraging them to spend more money on you so that you’ll stay.
  6. Go over your list of ex-boyfriends and girlfriends: If you survived dating other old, crabby men or women, you can make this relationship work too. It’s all worth it in the end.
  7. Start stealing cash: Swipe $100 bills whenever you can so that you’ll always have a safety net just in case something happens.
  8. Take lots of vacations alone: Ask to go on vacations without your lover so that you can spend all of their money without having to spend any time with them.
  9. Visit the country house: Visit each of the country houses to "check on the servants" as a way to take a break from your sugar daddy or sugar mama without having to break up and lose the money.
  10. Have a child: If you’re afraid that your lover is about to dump you, get pregnant so that they’ll forever be tied to you financially.
  11. Refuse to sign a pre-nup: No matter what.
  12. Constantly take on new redecorating projects: Redecorate every room in every house that belongs to your lover, just to keep yourself entertained and to have something to talk about at the club.
  13. Go on another diet or exercise plan: If you aren’t happy, go on a more extreme diet or exercise plan to keep you distracted, make others envious of you, and spend more money on gurus, diet pills, gym memberships and spa detox retreats.
  14. Pay in cash: If you pay in cash, there’s no record of where you spent your money, so you can tell your lover that you gave it away to a beggar on the street when you really got a dye job.
  15. Plan lots of surprise dinners and special nights out for your lover: They will make you look like a caring partner, but you’ll be putting it all on your lover’s tab, of course.

The Break Up

Sometimes gold diggers have to deal with the painful break up of their relationship with the money and the will. Deal with death, divorce and separation by considering these last tips.

  1. Hire a lawyer to manage the break up: even if it was just a one night stand.
  2. Steal your ex’s Rolodex: That way, you’ll have all of their rich friend’s phone numbers for when you’re ready to rebound.
  3. Start dressing even more provocatively than you did before the break up: That way, your ex will want you even more and may want to reconcile. If not, they may feel guilty enough to give you more presents or concessions during a divorce.
  4. Don’t get too sentimental: Money and property are essential, so snatch everything up while you still can.
  5. Visit WealthyMen.com: Go to this site to move on and meet someone even richer.
  6. Barter for long-term settlements: If you’re in the middle of a divorce, keep your eyes on the long-term prizes, like vacation homes, private jets, stocks, and heirloom jewelry.

Your Heroes

Every gold digger needs to have a hero to look up to when times get tough. From Playmates to supermodels, these gold diggers went after what they wanted and got it every time.

  1. Holly Madison: Holly Madison is one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends who appears on the E! reality series The Girls Next Door. According to the show, Madison is Hefner’s principal girlfriend at the moment, though he has had numerous girlfriends over the years. When Madison and Hefner met, Hefner had seven other girlfriends, but after a couple of years of dating, Madison has to compete with only two other "official" girlfriends. Gold diggers can take tips from Holly Madison, who consistently drops hints to Hugh Hefner that she wants to get married, despite his reputation. Persistence is key, ladies.
  2. Heidi Klum: Most people know Heidi Klum as one of the sexiest and most successful Victoria’s Secret models of all time, but before her marriage to singer Seal, Heidi Klum was married to Flavio Briatore, who was 23 years her senior. Klum was still pregnant with Briatore’s child when she began dating Seal in 2004. Gold diggers can still take classy lessons from Klum, though, who announced her pregnancy on the same day that Briatore and Fiona Swarovski were caught kissing.
  3. Anna Nicole Smith: Though Anna Nicole’s life ended in tragedy, she was the ultimate gold digger and became a celebrity in her own right. After her second husband billionaire J. Howard Marshall, who was 89 years old when he married the 26 year old Playboy model, died, Anna Nicole Smith inherited his wealth. Soon after, she filed for bankruptcy but ultimately became a legend and millionaire in her own right.
  4. Heather Mills: Heather Mills is Paul McCartney’s ex-wife and one determined gold digger. During a nasty divorce saga, Mills demanded millions of dollars from McCartney, and according to Hollyscoop.com, she ultimately got $50 million out of the marriage and is now catching the eye of Donald Trump. Not bad for an ex-prostitute.
  5. Marla Maples: Marla Maples is best known as the former beauty queen who had an affair with Donald Trump while he was married to Ivana. The two eventually married, had a daughter named Tiffany, and of course divorced. Since then, Maples has appeared on WWF WrestleMania VII and on the TV show The Ex-Wives Club. With a little determination and strategic dating, you too can become as successful as Marla Maples.

How to: Get What You Want in Bed (50 Tips ‘n Tricks)

Wanting more from your sex life? Wanting to have a sex life? Maybe you like the sex you are having, but want it to be better. Whether you have been out twice or you’ve been married for 15 years, there’s bound to be something from the following suggestions to help you get what you want in bed. Have fun experimenting with these ideas.


Getting into bed is the first step. Whether it’s the first time for you as a couple or the hundredth, a little romance can get things moving in that direction pretty quickly. Taking the time to set the scene is definitely worth the effort.

  1. Flowers. Never underestimate the power of flowers. This isn’t just for the girls, either. Many guys like flowers too. Girls, try showing up with a single daisy for your guy and see how he reacts.
  2. Picnic. Plan ahead by stashing a simple meal, a couple of glasses, some wine, and a blanket in a secluded spot. Take your date to your destination for a surprise (and very romantic) date that is sure to set the stage.
  3. Lingerie. Women, buy it and wear it as a great surprise. Men, buy it and give it. Ask for help on sizing if you aren’t sure (and if in doubt, buy it too small rather than too large).
  4. Candles. Strategically placed candles can set the mood for a romantic encounter of any kind. Whether you are having a romantic dinner, watching a movie, or moving on to the bedroom, candles add warmth to a room and make the statement that you put forth an extra effort to create a special place for your partner.
  5. Music. Nothing can change the mood of a room faster than music. Make your selection thoughtfully, though. If he hates classical music or she doesn’t really care for 70′s soft rock, then keep that in mind when selecting the perfect background music.
  6. Feel special. Making your partner feel special is a very romantic gesture. Paying attention when she is speaking or telling him how much you like what he is wearing are both easy ways to show your someone that they are special to you.
  7. Scent. Certain smells can set the mood. Jasmine, lavender, and rose are just a few great aromas for romance. Learn what scents you can use to get things off to a good start with your partner.
  8. Flirt. Whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for years, a little flirting goes a long way. Smiling, winking, and gentle joking are all great ways of simple flirting without going overboard.
  9. Love notes. Leave little love notes for your partner. Something as simple as "I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight" on a slip of paper tucked under the car windshield wiper or something more complex as a list of fifty things you love about your partner will show how much you care and can be read and remembered more than once.
  10. Touch. This idea is a super simple way to spice up your romance. A light touch on your partner’s arm while you are talking, holding hands while walking, and a spontaneous hug are all great ways to show your affection.


Jumping right into sex may have its time and place, but usually, you want to slow things down a little and ease into the act. Foreplay gets you both in the mood and enhances the sex that’s soon to follow.

  1. Kissing. Kissing on the lips is a very sensual experience. When it’s time for sex, don’t forget about the kissing to keep things impassioned.
  2. Kissing all over. Moving on from the lips, having your partner kiss all over your body will help steam things up. Ask him or her to try kissing in new places. Also, if your partner is reluctant to perform oral sex, this might help get things rolling in that direction.
  3. Feet. A sensual foot massage can do the trick for many people. Use lotion or oil with peppermint in it for a stimulating foot rub.
  4. Hands. Not just holding hands, but playing with your partner’s hands can be very sexy. Try this hand massage for a great way to relax and arouse your partner.
  5. Ears. Many people love having a lick or tickle in their ears or a gentle nibble on the ear lobe. Try your partner’s ear a try to see how he or she reacts.
  6. Snuggle. Enjoy curling up together and enjoying each other’s touch. It can start long before you make your way to the bed, so start snuggling your love when dinner is over, in the car ride home, or while you are watching a movie.
  7. Scalp. Brushing hair, rubbing the scalp, or just running your finger along the hairline are all very sensual ways to stimulate your partner. The multiple nerve endings in the scalp should not be overlooked as an erotic zone. How about washing your girl’s hair? Give this suggestion a try.
  8. Lips. Move beyond kissing your partner’s lips. Touch them with your finger or tongue for a playful bit of sexiness. Try nibbling or sucking on the lower lip too.
  9. Talk. Whisper in your partner’s ear what you would like to do with them. The anticipation of the deeds and the sexy whisper in the ear will get both you and your partner excited about what’s to come.
  10. Explore. Many couples haven’t taken the time to really check each other out. Run your eyes, hands, tongue, even your toes across your your lover’s body. You may find a favorite spot, and so may your partner.

Enjoying Sex

One way to ensure that you and your partner have a repeat performance is by making sure you both enjoy the sex. If you want to make a few changes, here are some suggestions for enhancing your experience.

  1. Slow down. If things are progressing too fast and finish before you even get started, ask your partner to slow down a bit. Especially for women, taking time in lovemaking is important. Some experts believe it takes women 20 minutes to get fully aroused.
  2. Make a change. Changing positions can start a new rhythm as well as offer the opportunity to come at the issue from a whole new angle.
  3. Be a guide. Put your lover’s hands (or other parts) where you want them. Gently guiding him or her to the place where you like it tells your partner where to go and ensures you are getting the pleasure you want.
  4. Noise. Give a little moan when your partner does something you like. This lets him or her know what’s working for you.
  5. Lose the stress. Feeling uncomfortable or stressed will not lead to enjoyable sex. Find ways to reduce your stress or leave your worries outside the bedroom.
  6. Communicate. Tell your sweetie what you like or what you don’t like. This is the most direct and effective way of making sure your sex is what you want it to be.
  7. Take charge. Passively waiting for your lover to do what you want may not guarantee you get the most out of sex. Take charge for a while to make sure your desires are being met.
  8. Tantric sex. Learn about this ancient approach to sexuality that prolongs the sex act as well as teaches about enhanced sexual energy. Tantric sex has been around for over 6,000 years, so there must be something right about this philosophy.
  9. Tantric quickie. Follow these suggestions from Third Age for building up sexual energy without orgasm so that your sexual encounters are more intense and frequent.
  10. Playful sex. Enjoy playful sex with these five tips. Make sure you partner is on board for this, as certain aspects, such as teasing, might be misunderstood.


For many, orgasm is the ultimate goal of the sexual encounter. It definitely makes the experience more intense. The following list offers suggestions to lead you and your partner to orgasm.

  1. Kama Sutra. The Kama Sutra is the ultimate guide book to lovemaking. While some of the positions seem just too complicated to do in real life, there are some much easier positions that will guarantee a fulfilling orgasm for both partners. Try these five positions modified for modern day usage from iVillage.com.uk.
  2. Position yourself. Changing your positions not only spices up the routine, you can also enhance the orgasm for both men and women. Try these positions for a better orgasm for the woman.
  3. Oral pleasure. Both men and woman enjoy oral sex. If you and your partner are both comfortable with it, use oral stimulation to enhance the actual act of intercourse. For men, hold off on orgasm so that you can still have some fun after oral sex. For women, the oral orgasm will often lead to a more intense vaginal orgasm.
  4. G spot. Much has been made about whether or not women have a magical G spot. However, most agree there is an extra sensitive spot in women. Follow these instructions to find and stimulate the G spot.
  5. For men. Don’t forget that men can enhance their orgasms too. These seven tips will help guys enjoy their climax even more.
  6. Practice edging. Edging relies on stopping or slowing stimulation just before climax in order to then experience a more intense orgasm. This technique can be used for both men and women to enhance the orgasm.
  7. Kegel. Kegel exercises work to strengthen the pelvic floor. Usually, women are told to do these exercises during pregnancy or after menopause when the pelvic floor naturally weakens. However, practicing Kegel exercises tones the vagina, which intensifies sex for both partners. It also increases blood flow to the vaginal area, thus making the entire region more sensitive. Men can do Kegel exercises, too, for prolonged sex and a more intense orgasm.
  8. Antioxidants. Eating foods that are high in antioxidants such as blueberries helps boost dopamine production in your brain, which is exactly what sexual enhancement medications do.
  9. Creams for women. Some over-the-counter topical creams for women can enhance their stimulation, resulting in a more intense experience. Find out how these creams work here.
  10. Lubrication. If you haven’t used lubrication for your sex, give it a try. Added moisture and the enhancements available can help bring about or intensify an orgasm. You can choose a basic lubricant, something with scent or taste, or one that offers a warm tingle. With such a wide range of products, there is much to sample.

Something New

As much as you may enjoy sex, it can sometimes use a boost, especially if you and your partner have been together for a while. These ideas offer lots of fun options to recharge your sexual battery and and help you get exactly what you want.

  1. Games. Incorporate a few games into your sex life. Move beyond the cliche Strip Poker and take these suggestions or come up with some of your own.
  2. Toys. If you haven’t already, discover the joy of toys in sex. This article offers both sides of enjoying and being reluctant to try sex toys. Read it and decide if this might be a new trick for you.
  3. Position. If Missionary Position is your standard, break out and explore more options. Try some of the suggestions for new positions from the Climax section above.
  4. Location. Move out of the bed. Finding a new place to have sex can be exciting and pushes your creativity. Also, don’t feel that you have to keep it in your house. Experiment with the back yard or that unisex restroom in the hallway outside your favorite restaurant.
  5. Time of day. If you are used to having sex just before bed, explore other times to play. You may be surprised to discover how much more energy or excitement you can generate with sex first thing in the morning or during lunch.
  6. Fantasies. Almost everyone has sexual fantasies. Bring some of these secret thoughts to life by acting on your or your partner’s fantasies. Read about the top ten fantasies for women and men in this article. (Click on the woman for her top ten and the man for his.)
  7. Surprise. The element of surprise is a great way to spice things up. If you or your partner have always wanted to try something but never have, surprise him or her with it and you are sure to have a fun experience.
  8. Talk dirty. Make sure this is something your partner might like before using it. It could be a turn-off if your partner feels degraded.
  9. Role play. Play out a fantasy or use some of these tips on ways to get some fun in your sex life. Use this costume coupon code to get a deal on your wildest dreams.
  10. Massage oil. Massage oil can be used as a sensual aid to giving and receiving massages. Often it is scented with an essential oil that also works to stimulate your sexual energy.

Top 10 Ugly & Hilarious Celebrity Break-ups of All Time

Anyone who’s been through a break-up or a divorce knows that things can get ugly fast. It takes a lot of hard work to stay friends after a separation or even just to be civil to one another during unavoidable encounters. For celebrities, though, everything seems to be blown up on a bigger scale, and ugly break-ups are no exception. From surprise break-ups on national TV to cheating lovers, these are the top 10 ugly, and sometimes hilarious, celebrity break-ups of all time.

  1. Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin: Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin had been married for seven years and had a five year-old daughter, Ireland, when Basinger filed for divorce in 2001. Since then, the pair has been in the spotlight for starting rumors about each other, name-calling, and of course putting Ireland in the middle of the fight. In 2006, Baldwin called Basinger’s lawyer a "300-pound homunculus whose face looks like a cross between a bulldog and a clenched fist." A year later, the media pounced on Baldwin again for a violent phone message he left with daughter Ireland, calling her a "thoughtless little pig."
  2. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards: Three years after actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were married, Richards filed for divorce. Richards was then pregnant with the couple’s second child, Lola, and a few months after she was born, the two tried to give the marriage another try by going to counseling. Sheen and Richards did end up getting divorced in November 2006, but they are still entangled in a bitter custody battle that includes a restraining order against Sheen because of prostitute and pornography habits. Though Sheen was granted partial custody of his daughters, the war waged on, as Sheen called Richards "a sad, jobless pig," "evil," and "a bad mom." He even e-mailed her, saying that she should "go cry to your bald mom, you loser," making a reference to Richards’ mother who has cancer.
  3. Halle Berry and David Justice: Former Miss America and Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is quite a catch, but baseball player David Justice didn’t seem to think so. After reports of physical abuse, Berry filed for divorce in 1996, after a three-year marriage which Berry proposed. Breaking up because of domestic abuse is horrible enough, but the troubles continued after the divorce. Justice tried to get alimony payments from his ex-wife, stating, "since she wants to take all of my money, I should turn around and do the same to her." In 2007, Berry revealed that after the divorce, she tried to commit suicide but decided against it when she considered the feelings of her mother.
  4. Matt Damon and Minnie Driver: Back when Matt Damon was the new break-out star with fellow Oscar-winning pal Ben Affleck, it seems he was trying to evolve his love life as well. While Damon did the talk show circuit in 1998 for Good Will Hunting and his Academy Award, he appeared on Oprah Winfrey, who asked him about his relationship with Driver, who co-starred in the film. Damon famously told Oprah that he and Minnie Driver were no longer together, but Driver later claimed that she had no idea they had broken up. The blog Twoop further tracks the episode to 1998, when both Matt Damon and Minnie Driver received the ShoWest Awards for Best Male Star and Best Female Star of Tomorrow and had to stand next to each other on stage. Today, the incident seems more like a rumor, but it still makes our list for a hilarious break-up story
  5. Jude Law and Sienna Miller: It didn’t seem fair that two such good looking people could be so blissfully happy as Jude Law and Sienna Miller. The two British actors had been dating since 2004, when they met on the set of their movie Alfie. Miller quickly became known as a budding actress and style icon as she attended parties and events with Jude Law, and the couple was engaged at Christmas of the same year. In 2005, "the nanny" story broke, and Law admitted to cheating on his fiancee with his children’s nanny — who was hired by Law’s ex-wife Sadie Frost — several times. Miller, 23, broke off the engagement and surrounded herself with protective family members and friends. The media and the public quickly sided with Miller, who was often seen in tears running to and from her London stage production of As You Like It. Rumors about the couple making up circulated for a while, but eventually fizzled out.
  6. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty: Supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss and bad boy rocker Pete Doherty stuck together through countless stays in rehab, a cocaine scandal, street fights and even a refusal to meet the Queen. The British couple were on again-off again for several years, and became engaged in 2007 after Doherty pledged to stay clean. Moss had already been working hard on cleaning up her image, but the love sick Doherty wasn’t doing as well. Rumors swirled about Moss’ annoyance with Doherty, and when she ended the relationship for good, Doherty called her "a nasty old rag," before saying that "I love her with all my heart. I like the way she walks and talks. I love her bones. I love her brain."
  7. Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora: Heather Locklear has been a Hollywood bombshell for many years, and has been married to two legendary rock stars: Tommy Lee and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Locklear and Sambora were married in 1994 and were together for 11 years before Locklear allegedly surprised her husband with divorce papers. After the divorce, Sambora hooked up with Heather’s friend Denise Richards. The story got even more complicated with the reports that Richards actually encouraged Locklear to get a divorce in the first place, leading some to believe that Richards and Sambora had some sort of relationship while he was married to Locklear. The Richards-Sambora relationship eventually ended, sending Sambora back to his ex-wife, begging for a reconciliation. Good luck, buddy.
  8. Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan: What would you do if your football star boyfriend left you for the hottest supermodel in the world…while you were carrying his baby? Actress Bridget Moynahan and Patriots quaterback Tom Brady dated for three years. Brady realized Moynahan was pregnant about the same time that the couple broke up, leading both camps to point accusatory fingers at who was trying to sabotage who. The celebrity blog Gawker reports that Brady’s friends believe Moynahan tried to get pregnant on purpose, while Moynahan’s supporters call Brady "the gross one" for "immediately" starting to date Gisele Bundchen after the news.
  9. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman: Who could forget Carmen Electra’s and Dennis Rodman’s surprise Las Vegas wedding in 1998? At first, Rodman’s camp reported that Rodman had been tricked into marrying Electra when he was drunk, but he later clarified that he loved Electra and wanted to marry her despite what anyone else said. The two had been dating for less than a year and filed for an annulment just ten days after the Vegas ceremony. Unfortunately for all of us, the publicity surrounding the relationship didn’t end there. In 2005, Rodman published his autobiography I Should Be Dead By Now, in which he wrote that Electra like to use the "N" word during sex. Electra of course denied the allegations, but it was still way too much information for anyone to know.
  10. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey: How cute/nauseating were Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey when they first got married in 2002? While you may not be able to remember any of their songs, most of us can remember Newlyweds, the MTV reality show that chronicled Jessica’s burps and ditzy comments and Nick’s admirable patience. Unfortunately, cuteness does not a marriage make, and the couple split after three years. Rumors had been circulating about Nick’s behavior at a bachelor party and Jessica’s close relationship with her Dukes of Hazzard co-star Johnny Knoxville. While on paper the couple said their break-up was amicable, an intense media frenzy surrounding the divorce recorded several awkward moments as the two ran into each other at public events and began dating other people.

50 Best Relationship Resources and Sites for Military Couples

Besides traditional issues with love, sex, parenting, long distance relationships and break-ups, military couples have their own unique struggles to face each day. Long deployments, readjustment problems, life abroad and on base, lonely pregnancies and complicated divorces can make even routine communication seem like hard work. To give you and your partner some much needed support, we’ve generated this list of 50 relationships resources and websites. Turn to these sites whenever you need a boost or some real-life advice.

Relocating and Base Life

For tips on adjusting to a major move or dealing with deployment, check out these websites and articles.

  1. Moving: Moving to a new country or city can be a strain on couples, especially if one of the spouses has to be relocated because of military service. Turn to this guide for advice and support.
  2. Making a Move: Get more tips for preparing for a PCS from this page.
  3. How to Inform Your Spouse that you do not Want to Attend a Military Heart Link Class: If you’re not enthusiastic about attending a military heart link class for couples counseling and advice, use this guide to address the subject.
  4. Should You Stay or Go?: Deciding whether or not to follow your spouse to a new country can mean evaluating your entire relationship. This articles walks you through the process.
  5. Managing Deployment: Learn about the experiences of other military families preparing to say goodbye to their loved ones in this guide.
  6. Deployment and Marriage — Impact and Coping Tips: This site has tips for maintaining a long distance marriage, coping with separation during multiple deployments and more.
  7. Military Wives’ 21 Best Tips for Dealing with a Spouse’s Deployment: Tips like "keep busy," "call on your friends," "remember your promise," and "keep your routine" will help you through the separation.

Family Support

New parents and pregnant wives and girlfriends can get support online anytime thanks to these resources.

  1. New Parent Support: This guide has resources for military couples who are also new parents.
  2. Family Support: Find emotional and practical support for everything from stressed out kids to keeping a positive attitude to understanding your benefits.
  3. VAJoe Exclusive Military Spouse and Family Section: Comment on forums like "Military Marriage and Relationships" and "Military Marital & Relationship Difficulties" to find support whenever you need it.
  4. Ideas for Deployment Pregnancies: This guide has tips for moms and dads who want to stay close during a pregnancy, even during a deployment.

Dating and Getting Married

What’s it really like to date a soldier or serviceman or woman? These sites provide lots of tips for starting a relationship with someone in the military and deciding whether or not to marry a soldier.

  1. Getting Married: This article questions if getting married is the thing to do "before or after joining the military."
  2. Military Dating and Finding Your True Love in Uniform: This article discusses military dating sites that connect you to servicemen in the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army and Coast Guard.
  3. Military Weddings and Honeymoons: Questions about getting married on base, military formal weddings, time off and more in this article.
  4. Married to the Military: 20 Ways to Make it Work: If you’re unsure about taking your relationship with a military serviceman or women to the next level, read this article for tips on making a military marriage last.
  5. Should I Marry a Soldier?: Marrying a soldier comes with a lot of sacrifice and stress. Learn about the real-life issues you can expect to confront if you marry into the military.
  6. Valentine’s Day Love for Soldiers, Veterans and Other Warriors: Celebrating Valentine’s Day when your other half is on duty can be tough. Here are some ways to make the holiday special anyway.

Dual Military Couples

Relationships in which both members are in the military need constant nurturing and support. Get help for finding time to communicate and spend time with each other here.

  1. Married Military Couples: Read first-hand accounts of real-life military couples to see how they cope with their schedules and anxieties.
  2. Married to the Military: Get advice on dealing with long separations, learning from each other and raising a family.
  3. For Better or Worse: How a Dual-Military Couple Manages Their Personal and Professional Life: Learn how this dual military couple keeps it together despite separation, grueling training and schedules, and other obstacles.

Life at Home

From readjustment counseling to life as a lonely army wife, these articles and resources focus on how to military couples and spouses deal with their relationships at home.

  1. Readjustment Counseling: This site is for soldiers who are returning home from combat and who want help readjusting to their civilian relationships and family life.
  2. My Married Yet Strangely Single Life as an Army Wife: In this article, an army wife discusses the six Fs that "keep [her] going:" faith, family, friends, future, funny bones and fitness.
  3. Domestic Abuse: This page on the Military Homefront website features a hotline for domestic abuse, as well as military-specific benefits for victims of domestic abuse.
  4. Strong Bonds and Better Relationships: This article follows the story of a real-life couple that encountered problems reuniting after a tour of duty in Iraq.
  5. Your Beloved Soldier is Coming Home – Now What?: After the excitement settles over expecting the return of your military spouse, you need to address issues like post-war trauma, guilt, depression, an older child and more.
  6. Homecoming Tips for Military Couples: Tips like "accept that your partner may be different" and "tone down your fantasies" are helpful tips for excited couples.
  7. Separated by War: This article tracks four couples and their struggles with separation during the Iraq war.
  8. Military Spouse Support: If you want some personalized advice for coping with separation or any other military relationship problem, e-mail the Hooah Wife and Friends blog here.
  9. Julie Anna Infantry Wife: Read about Julie Anna’s attempts to find meaning and energy in her home life while her husband is away in the Army.

Divorce, Abuse and Other Issues

Unfortunately, military couples sometimes experience abuse, divorce and infidelity. Discover ways to cope with these issues in this list.

  1. Military and Divorce: Refer to this site for help identifying triggers that can result in divorce in military couples and for resources for hiring an attorney, getting benefits and more.
  2. Family Advocacy: Learn how to prevent and deal with spousal and child abuse in your military family here.
  3. Divorce Tips for Military Couples: This guide helps military couples get through a divorce amicably and responsibly.
  4. Military Divorce and Separation Issues: This site provides links to military divorce prevention, divorce FAQs, divorce-related legal issues by state, and more.
  5. Adultery in the Military: This website decodes adultery in the military, including legal issues and specific cases.
  6. Military Spouses and Divorce: This article features "five tips for military spouses who may be thinking about divorce."
  7. When Love is a Battlefield: Military couples going through a divorce can turn to this guide for financial and familial advice.

Long Distance Relationships

Military couples know that their long distance relationships are a lot harder to maintain than traditional long distance loves. These articles and sites are full of advice, though, for your specific questions and situations.

  1. How to Get Close When You are Far Apart: Tips like not relying on e-mail and making plans together despite your distance can help ease the separation.
  2. Infidelity on the Homefront: Read the advice given to a young military wife having trouble staying loyal to her army husband.
  3. Long Distance Relationships and the Military: This author suggests setting up a regular schedule for communicating, making use of technology and keeping a journal to cope with a long distance military relationship.
  4. Military Wife Tips: Keeping Any Long Distance Relationship Alive: This detailed article is designed to give support to military couples who spend a lot of time apart.
  5. Long Distance Relationships: Check out this page of resources for couples in LDRs, or long distance relationships.

Miscellaneous Resources

From online radio stations to hotline information to tried and true relationship tips, this list features even more resources to help you along.

  1. Military OneSource: This support center has a 24/7 hotline and an entire section devoted to parenting and relationships advice for military couples.
  2. CincHouse.com: This "community of military wives and women in uniform" includes great articles for nurturing relationships and family life.
  3. Army Wife Talk Radio: This clever website and online radio includes family and relationship advice and tips.
  4. Military Couples Fight to Preserve Home Front: This news article also provides links and advice for military couples who have to deal with separation, uncertainty, infidelity, and financial issues.
  5. Military Spouse Talk Radio: Turn to this online radio show for stories, advice, and more support.
  6. Spouse Buzz: This site is "where military spouses connect" to talk about communication, marriage, deployment and more.
  7. Loving a Marine: This post includes poems and stories about Marine wives and their struggles.
  8. Goodbye Always Seems to be the Hardest Word: Get tips on saying goodbye to your other half when he or she leaves on a mission.
  9. Military Relationships: Keeping it Together: This how-to guide has plenty of "tips and ideas for keeping it together," including Internet rendezvous, surprise phone calls and more.

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