37 Simple Things You Can Do to Be More Attractive to the Opposite Sex

Attraction is more than looking like a supermodel or professional athlete. It’s all about who you are as a person. The following suggestions touch on physical as well as mental changes that you can make to become more attractive. Most of these are super easy and don’t even require money. Give a few of these a try and see what sparks start flying.

Everyone Can Do These

No matter if you are a man or a woman, young or old, these tips are sure to help you become more attractive to others as well as yourself. Get practicing today!

  1. Smile. A smile lights up your face and makes others want to smile too. It’s much easier to like someone with happiness radiating from them.. Your smile tells others that you are happy, confident, and open to getting to know them. Try a simple whitening technique to help brighten that smile, too.
  2. Be honest. Lies eventually make their way to the surface. Being truthful (and faithful once you are in a relationship) nurtures trust and creates a strong foundation in a friendship or relationship. Honesty is sexy.
  3. Keep it real. Don’t try to make yourself into someone you are not. If you go around bragging and boasting about what you would like to be rather than who you are, it will eventually come out. Being confident in who you are will make you so much more attractive than trying to wear a mask for who you would like to be.
  4. Be well groomed. Bathe regularly and keep you hair clean. If you need a haircut, get one. Shaggy, unkempt hair is not attractive. Wearing clean clothes is also part of being well-groomed. If you’ve had the same jeans on for a week, it will show.
  5. Show interest. Don’t just talk about yourself and what you like. Ask questions and show a genuine interest in the other person. If the person you are trying to impress notices that you really care about what he or she likes, then you have made yourself much more interesting.
  6. Be Confident. Make decisions rather than always deferring to the other person, walking with your shoulders held back and your head up, and feeling sure of yourself all make an important impact on how you look to the opposite sex. Here are some tips on looking and feeling more confident.
  7. Exercise. Sitting around watching TV and eating potato chips all weekend takes its toll on your body. Get outside and walk, run, or ride your bike. Better yet, go to a gym where you can do some exercise and potentially meet someone. Find some motivation and get moving!
  8. Think positively. No one likes to listen to a complainer. Trying to find the positive in each situation will show that you are resilient and resourceful. People who believe they can make things happen are much more attractive than those who allow themselves to fall victim to circumstances. Follow these tips to break the habit of negative thinking.
  9. Flirt. Learn how to be playful, yet not overbearing. The goal of flirting is to show the other person you are interested…but not too much. Use a light touch, laugh at or tell jokes (not too racy, now), and make eye contact. Find out more about flirting here and get some practice in right away.
  10. But don’t flirt with just anyone. Throwing yourself at any available person of the opposite sex is definitely not sexy. If you are trying to attract the attention of one person, keep your attention on them. They will definitely think you aren’t interested if you are paying more attention to the person at the table next to you.
  11. Hold your temper. If things don’t go just right or if something unexpected comes along, don’t overreact. Staying calm and letting the situation play itself out with out any added drama makes you look mature and capable.
  12. Keep your promise. If you agree to an activity or to meet at a certain time, do what you promised. By keeping your word, you show that you know the value of the other person’s time and respect them enough to do what you said you would.
  13. Get a sense of humor. Both men and women love a person with a sense of humor. This doesn’t mean you have to know the best jokes or you laugh at everything she says. A sense of humor just means you can use and appreciate humor. Use this advice to help improve your sense of humor.
  14. Don’t stalk. Don’t call her three times a day and don’t follow him home from work. Stalking is not only unattractive, it’s unsettling. Find a way to show you are interested without going overboard. And if your interest has made it plain that she or he is not interested in you, then back off quickly.
  15. Forget past relationships. At least while you are talking to others, don’t dwell on past break-ups or the ex. Especially, don’t assign blame for the end of the relationship. Focus on the future and leave the past out of your conversations with new people.
  16. Look beyond the physical. If you are only willing to accept the best looking person in the room as a potential date, you are not only setting yourself up to fail, but you are also projecting the idea to others that you only care about superficial qualities. Showing interest in someone’s talent, intelligence, or charming personality opens up your world to new possibilities and shows others that you have a depth that appreciates more in life than a fleeting beauty.
  17. Have fun. When you are having fun, others want to join you. Find ways to have fun in every situation. Practice. If you are stuck in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, make jokes or strike up casual conversation. Don’t focus on the negative part of the wait, but enjoy meeting those around you–even if you aren’t attracted to them. After a few times, you will feel comfortable enough to make fun wherever you go.

For Men

Guys, here are some suggestions specifically for you. Making these simple changes can take you a long way when it comes to impressing the women.

  1. Be respectful. Treat women with respect. Making derogatory statements or belittling her will most certainly turn her off. Instead, comment on her positive traits and enjoy what she can bring to the relationship.
  2. Don’t look for a mother figure. Women want to be your equal, not your mother. Don’t expect that they want to be at your beck and call or that they live to do for you. Realize that women are people too and have their own wishes and needs to attend to. Go ask your mom for that kind of attention, not the girl you are trying to attract.
  3. Lose the shyness. Standing behind your buddies and not making eye contact will not make you very attractive. Stand up straight, look her in the eye, and smile. If she smiles back, you know you’ve made a connection.
  4. Don’t think sex. If you are just trying to get a woman into bed, it will show. Be genuinely excited to spend time with a woman without trying to have sex with her. If it happens, that’s a bonus, but don’t make it the goal.
  5. Use compliments wisely. Overusing compliments or trying too hard to be nice will just make you look desperate. Use compliments when you really mean them. Also, make them specific. Don’t tell a woman she’s beautiful, comment on the shoes she’s wearing or the way she has styled her hair. Learn more about compliments here.
  6. Be romantic. Romantic doesn’t have to be over the top. Simple things like showing up for a date with a single Gerber daisy goes a long way in the romance department and shows the woman of your attention that you are interested in making her happy. Here are some tips for easy, inexpensive ways to show your romantic side.
  7. Be sensitive. The stoic man who never seems to feel emotions is usually not attractive to a woman. If you can recognize a tender, sad, or especially touching moment with a few simple words, you will appear sensitive and much more attractive than if you ignore the emotion of a moment. Additionally, being sensitive to her needs will take you far. Men who appear out of touch with what is going on are generally not considered attractive. This fun primer will help you get started on understanding sensitivity.
  8. Don’t obsess on sports. Lots of men love sports and lots of women do not. Staring at the basketball game on the TV above her head or talking non-stop about who you think will be the first round draft choice are not attractive.
  9. Be mature. There’s not a bigger turn-off than watching a guy do several beer bongs or listening to a man tell the story of how he totally blew off the child support payments to his baby’s mother. Be a man and do the right thing. It’s very attractive.
  10. Listen. Don’t just hear the words coming out of her mouth, but really listen to what she is saying. Nod your head or interject with an "uh-huh" here and there. When she realizes you care enough to pay attention to her, she will be interested in you.

For Women

Okay girls, it’s your turn. Give some of this advice a try and see where it takes you.

  1. Accept a compliment. When he tells you how much he likes your bracelet, thank him. You don’t have to gush, but also don’t completely blow him off. Accepting a compliment with grace speaks volumes about you.
  2. Dress age-appropriately. If you are twenty-something, don’t dress like your grandma and conversely, if you are a sexy fifty-something, don’t shop for your clothes in the juniors’ department. Dressing your age makes you look more attractive. Also, make sure your clothes fit properly.  Too tight or too baggy is not pretty. Men will appreciate the fact that you have enough confidence to dress with style and elegance.
  3. Find your niche. Are you a professional, a rock star, or an athlete? Dress your part and live your life accordingly. If you love high heels and skirts, wearing hiking boots and shorts to a date where you are trying to impress an athletic guy sends mixed messages to your date and you will probably feel less comfortable.
  4. Lose the drama. Bursting into tears over a broken nail, berating the waiter because he forgot your lemon wedge, and giggling loudly or uncontrollably are not attractive. Neither is constantly gossiping about every girl you know. Your zest for life is a good thing, just remember to keep a perspective about what is happening and how you react.
  5. Ask him out. Asking a guy out is sexy. It shows you have confidence and aren’t willing to just sit back and let him take the lead. Here are some tips on how to ask a guy for a date.
  6. Have an opinion. Agreeing with everything he says won’t impress him. Sometimes you may have similar views. At those other times, be honest about how you feel or what you think. Happily agreeing to a date to an action movie when you hate them doesn’t help the relationship or your attractiveness. 
  7. Wear makeup appropriately. Heavy makeup says you lack confidence in your appearance while no makeup at all can tell a man that you just don’t care about your appearance. Strike a balance and look your best. For tips on makeup application and selection, visit this blog.
  8. Control jealousy. Nothing looks more unattractive than a jealous woman. Especially early on in a relationship when there is just no reason, acting jealous of his friendships, past relationships, or how he spends his time is just a turn-off.
  9. Don’t focus on how you look. It’s important that you look nice and you feel comfortable–and you want to choose an attractive picture to put on dating site profiles–but don’t spend all your time worrying over your appearance or asking how something looks. Men just want to enjoy your company and don’t really care if your hair is perfect.
  10. Take it slow. Don’t start picking out the engagement ring after the second date. If he is interested, he will call you or send an email. If you start taking the relationship too serious too quickly, he will probably not stick around.

Now that you know what to do, get out there and start practicing. Plan a night out with your friends or accept an invitation to a party so you can put some of your newfound attractiveness to work for you. Happy dating!

10 Surprising Celebrity Romances You Never Heard About

Because even people who don’t care about celebrities know every detail about Brangelina’s twins and Lindsay and Britney’s breakdowns, it’s hard to believe that any Hollywood romance could slip by unnoticed. There was, however, a time before the Internet and the paparazzi documented each misstep celebrities took, and it’s easy to forget the random hookups from the 80s and 90s. Some celebrity couples were so short lived, and even though they hooked up at a time when bloggers and tabloids are still on top of their game, those couples got lost in the hoopla surrounding Paris Hilton’s jail sentence, Jessica’s jinxing the Dallas Cowboys or some other celebrity scandal. To honor the pure randomness and scariness of these surprising couples, we’ve dug up our favorites from the Hollywood past.

  1. Sheryl Crow and Owen Wilson: We thought the only thing Sheryl Crow and Owen Wilson had in common was Kate Hudson, Owen’s ex who is now dating Sheryl’s ex, Lance Armstrong. As it turns out, Sheryl and Owen dated for three years, when Owen was just starting to make it in Hollywood with Shanghai Noon, Breakfast of Champions and Meet the Parents.
  2. Liam Neeson and Jennifer Grey: Liam Neeson dated Jennifer Grey?! We’ve always associated Liam Neeson as the kindly upstanding citizen and father figure from movies like Schindler’s List, Star Wars, Michael Collins and other major movies. While we thought Jennifer Grey was fantastic in Dirty Dancing and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, we didn’t think the two were in the same league.
  3. Moby and Natalie Portman: Moby and Natalie Portman are both thoughtful vegans, but we’re still a little bit confused. Moby acknowledges that it was "a very brief affair," but is vague about when he and Queen Amidala hung out.
  4. George Clooney and Lucy Liu: If poor Lucy Liu got as much paparazzi credit when she dated George as current flame Sarah Larson does, she probably wouldn’t be on this list. George and Lucy were definitely a beautiful couple when they dated in 2000 and made out in 2006, but they certainly didn’t get the attention they deserved.
  5. Drew Barrymore and David Arquette: Before David found Courteney, he hooked up with then-still-a-little-too-wild Drew Barrymore. They’re both cute and kooky, but let’s not forget that they also played brother and sister in 1999′s Never Been Kissed.
  6. Brad Pitt and Christina Applegate: Back in the 80s and 90s, Brad Pitt dated Gwyneth, Juliette Lewis and…Christina Applegate? Christina was super hot stuff back then on Married With Children, but can a TV star really hold her own with a gorgeous movie star like Brad Pitt? Let’s rephrase that. Can a TV star hold her own against Brad Pitt if they aren’t at least Friends first? Since Christina and Brad only dated for a brief stint in 1988, we think not.
  7. Kimberly Stewart and Tommy Lee: Everyone knows Tommy Lee likes pretty blondes, and it’s probably only natural for Kimberly Stewart to go after rocker dudes, since her dad is Rod Stewart. What makes this story so weird is the fact that Rachel Hunter, Kimberly’s ex step-mom, also dated Tommy Lee. Kimberly and Tommy Lee briefly hooked up in 2007, when Tommy Lee was 44 and Kimberly was 26.
  8. Keaunu Reeves and Diane Keaton: Keanu Reeves and Diane Keaton were co-stars in the 2003 movie Something’s Gotta Give, but they started dating in 2005, when Keanu was 40 and Diane was 59. Does Diane still get to be a cougar if her beau is also nearing middle age?
  9. Reese Witherspoon and Stephen Dorff: This couple is one of the most bizarre items on our list. When Reese Witherspoon and Stephen Dorff dated in 1994, they were both young and blonde. In 2008, they still don’t have much more than that in common. Reese is one of the highest paid and most successful actresses in Hollywood, and Stephen Dorff is…sort of hot, but a major washout.
  10. Ashley Olsen and Lance Armstrong: It’s true that Lance Armstrong and Ashley Olsen’s 2007 hookup was documented in the tabloids, but it was so short lived that you may have missed it. Plus, it’s just weird. Lance is 15 years older than the former Full House shorty, which is still a pretty hefty age difference if you’re only 21. And what could the two possibly have had to talk about? Lance is a seven-time Tour de France winner, a cancer survivor and random BFFs with Matthew McConaughey and Owen Wilson. Ashley? Well she’s cute, fashionable and a multimillionaire. We guess it could work.

25 Delicious Foods to Get You in the Mood

Food is love. Many people are passionate about their food and for good reason. Many of the foods that civilizations have enjoyed for hundreds of years share strong connections with love and desire. The following 25 foods all have a rich history of stimulating romance. Read about what makes these foods special, and then select some to share with your partner tonight to see where they take you.

  1. Almonds. For centuries almonds have been given as gifts representing fertility and romance. These little nuts pack a powerful nutrition punch, too. They are high in calcium, help lower cholesterol, and are a great antioxidant. Blancmange, an old French dessert, is traditionally made from almond milk. Give it a try and see where it takes you after dinner.  Here’s a recipe to get you started.
  2. Arugula. This salad green has long been used to get couples in the mood. Fresh arugula has a bright green appearance that just looks so appetizing, too. This simple arugula salad recipe is sure to please you both on the palate and in the bedroom. Try it as a first course for your dinner.
  3. Asparagus. Not only does asparagus look sensual, it has long been purported to be an aphrodisiac. Asparagus is easy to make either steamed or grilled and tastes delicious as long as you don’t overcook it. Try this recipe for roasted asparagus with a creamy tahini-peanut sauce. You and your partner can have fun testing out the power of these lovely green spears.
  4. Avocado. The sensual avocado makes a wonderful food to set the mood. Read about why this food is so sexy and get a great recipe, too. A delicious salad idea is to serve slices of avocado alternating with slices of fresh mango. You don’t even have to put a dressing on this yummy meal opener.
  5. Basil. When you think of basil, Italian food comes to mind. Fresh basil in tomato sauce or basil, garlic, and salt pureed finely into a delicious pesto will make any dinner taste delicious. Maybe those Italians were on to something–basil has been reported to raise the libido and produce feelings of well-being. Serve an Italian feast to your partner tonight with basil as the star and see what happens.
  6. Cardamom. Anyone who has enjoyed a cup of chai tea or an Indian dish made with garam masala has probably enjoyed cardamom. In the Middle East and in India, cardamom has long been used as a tonic to enhance male sexual performance.  If you want to feature some cardamom in your future, try this masala chai recipe from Confessions of a Cardamom Addict. Order Indian food in and follow up with a cup of chai to set the mood.
  7. Carrots. Another vegetable that’s shape alone may bring thoughts of romance, the carrot has a history of being used in the Middle East to stimulate desire. Whether they work or not in the bedroom, they are delicious and healthy. Give this carrot and coriander soup a try to start out your dinner.
  8. Caviar. Who knows if it’s just the lure of enjoying an expensive treat or if it’s the zinc in caviar that helps get things moving, but caviar has traditionally been known as a romantic food favorite. Caviar comes from the sea just as the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, was born of the sea, so maybe she has lent some of her power to this delicious food. Put a dollop of caviar atop watercrackers and cream cheese for a simple appetizer to start the evening off right. Serve with champagne and you will be setting the tone for an evening of romance.
  9. Cayenne pepper. This spice is full of vitamins, aids in digestion, and is great for circulation and the heart. Maybe it’s because it works to get the blood flowing, but cayenne has been used for years to inspire passion. Whip up this batch of cayenne peanut butter cookies and serve to your love to set the sparks flying.
  10. Chocolate. Ah…the food of the gods. Nothing says romance like chocolate. When consumed, the cocoa in chocolate releases the same chemical in our brains that we feel when we are in love. Serving chocolate to your sweet is easy to do, but one of the simplest ways to enjoy this romantic food is to buy a high-quality bar of chocolate and break off the squares to feed to each other. Romance is guaranteed to follow.
  11. Coriander. This seed of the herb, cilantro, has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. If you don’t enjoy cilantro, don’t worry, coriander has a completely different flavor. You can prepare the carrot and coriander soup from above, or try this soup made with chickpeas, ginger, and coriander.
  12. Figs. Used by the ancient Greeks as an aphrodisiac, figs have a long history of being a sensual food. The shape of the fig is supposed to remind men of the shape of a woman. Enjoy some fresh figs together. Or try this fig tart recipe from The Delicious Life. It incorporates basil, honey, and pine nuts–all foods from this list.
  13. Honey. The word "honeymoon" may well have originated from the traditional wedding gift of enough mead (honey wine) to last for a month. You don’t have to be on a honeymoon to enjoy the romantic possibilities of honey. Give this romantic honey lavender brioche recipe a try to feed to your honey. If cooking is too much work, just enjoy sharing the sweet treat spread on toast.
  14. Lobster. This is another food that carries the mark of extravagance. The high price for lobster is well-deserved, however, as this luscious food is both delicious and romantic. While you can share a lovely lobster dinner at a restaurant, it’s even more fun to steam or boil two lobster tails at home and serve with some drawn butter. Keep the silverware put away and use your hands to enjoy this sensuous dinner together.
  15. Mango. Maybe it’s the shape of the mango as has been reported to resemble a virulent male or maybe it is the incredibly luscious flavor of a fresh mango, but this tropical fruit is commonly known as a fruit for romance. Of course you don’t have to do anything special beyond cutting and peeling it to enjoy this fruit. However, you could try making this mango ice cream for a special dessert.  Maybe top it off with fresh mango?
  16. Mustard. Known to increase desire, mustard is a great spice to set the mood. Mustard enjoys a rich history throughout the world and has several customs attached to it. Read about this fun food’s history, then try a recipe like this one for oven baked mustard chicken curry. The ingredient list contains plenty of foods from our list, so this dish is sure to set the mood. 
  17. Nutmeg. The aphrodisiac qualities of this spice have actually been studied by scientists and show a link between low doses of nutmeg and increased sexual desire and potency in men. In China, it was given to women to increase desire, and in India, soft-boiled egg mixed with honey and nutmeg is served as an enhancement to performance. Read this romantic blog post about love and nutmeg, then try serving the nutmeg donut muffins to your love. 
  18. Oysters. Possibly the most famous food associated with sex is oysters. There are many ancient stories of both men and women benefiting from a dinner of raw oysters. Aside from the romantic properties, oysters are high in zinc, iron, and protein. Learn how to serve oysters on the half shell to your partner here. Pair with some white wine and the mood is set.
  19. Pine nuts. These nuts enjoy a long history as an aphrodisiac. High in zinc, they help promote male potency. Roasted, they are a delicious topper to pasta dishes. Finish off your meal with these delicious Italian pignoli (pine nut) cookies from Food Blogga.
  20. Pineapple. Not only is pineapple full of vitamin C, it has long been used as a cure for impotency. Couple this fruit with one of the other romantic foods to ensure a mood-setting snack. Try pineapple lightly sprinkled with cayenne pepper or dip a chunk of pineapple in honey. Want something a little more hearty? Try this simple recipe for pineapple chicken.
  21. Pomegranate. This fruit’s bright red color and many seeds just scream passion. The ancient Greeks believed this food a symbol of Aphrodite. The classic Indian book of lovemaking, the kama sutra, even recommends pomegranates as an aphrodisiac. Learn about the amazing qualities of the pomegranate in this article, then serve a dish of pomegranate, oolong, and dark chocolate truffle for dessert. This dish even looks sexy.
  22. Strawberries. This sweet fruit almost looks like a heart. Sharing a few strawberries with your love is sure to set the mood. Not only are these fruits fun for couples, they are also high in vitamin C. Try making some chocolate dipped strawberries together, then enjoy the fruits of your labors.
  23. Sweet potato. Supposedly, eating a lot of sweet potatoes stimulates women’s libido. Maybe that’s why sweet potato pie is a staple dessert in the south. Give this recipe from Coconut & Lime a try and see what it does for you.  It’s sure to finish off any dinner on the right note.
  24. Truffles. This delicacy has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times. Perhaps it is the highly fragrant odor that supposedly stimulates desire, but whatever reason, they are worth serving to you partner as part of a mood-setting meal. Black truffles are found in France and must be cooked, while the white truffles from Italy can be served fresh or cooked.  Truffles are expensive and difficult to find, so try a dish like truffle infused mushroom tagliatelle that uses black truffle oil instead.
  25. Vanilla. This seductive food has a rich lore full of stories about love. The scent is enough to arouse some lovers, but vanilla itself boosts adrenaline production, so that surge of passion really does have a cause. There are several ways to enjoy vanilla. Try adding the whole beans to a glass of lemonade or champagne. Or create a delicious tangerine vanilla seafood sauce to go with those lobster tails.

Top 10 Ugly & Hilarious Celebrity Break-ups of All Time

Anyone who’s been through a break-up or a divorce knows that things can get ugly fast. It takes a lot of hard work to stay friends after a separation or even just to be civil to one another during unavoidable encounters. For celebrities, though, everything seems to be blown up on a bigger scale, and ugly break-ups are no exception. From surprise break-ups on national TV to cheating lovers, these are the top 10 ugly, and sometimes hilarious, celebrity break-ups of all time.

  1. Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin: Oscar-winning actress Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin had been married for seven years and had a five year-old daughter, Ireland, when Basinger filed for divorce in 2001. Since then, the pair has been in the spotlight for starting rumors about each other, name-calling, and of course putting Ireland in the middle of the fight. In 2006, Baldwin called Basinger’s lawyer a "300-pound homunculus whose face looks like a cross between a bulldog and a clenched fist." A year later, the media pounced on Baldwin again for a violent phone message he left with daughter Ireland, calling her a "thoughtless little pig."
  2. Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards: Three years after actors Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards were married, Richards filed for divorce. Richards was then pregnant with the couple’s second child, Lola, and a few months after she was born, the two tried to give the marriage another try by going to counseling. Sheen and Richards did end up getting divorced in November 2006, but they are still entangled in a bitter custody battle that includes a restraining order against Sheen because of prostitute and pornography habits. Though Sheen was granted partial custody of his daughters, the war waged on, as Sheen called Richards "a sad, jobless pig," "evil," and "a bad mom." He even e-mailed her, saying that she should "go cry to your bald mom, you loser," making a reference to Richards’ mother who has cancer.
  3. Halle Berry and David Justice: Former Miss America and Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry is quite a catch, but baseball player David Justice didn’t seem to think so. After reports of physical abuse, Berry filed for divorce in 1996, after a three-year marriage which Berry proposed. Breaking up because of domestic abuse is horrible enough, but the troubles continued after the divorce. Justice tried to get alimony payments from his ex-wife, stating, "since she wants to take all of my money, I should turn around and do the same to her." In 2007, Berry revealed that after the divorce, she tried to commit suicide but decided against it when she considered the feelings of her mother.
  4. Matt Damon and Minnie Driver: Back when Matt Damon was the new break-out star with fellow Oscar-winning pal Ben Affleck, it seems he was trying to evolve his love life as well. While Damon did the talk show circuit in 1998 for Good Will Hunting and his Academy Award, he appeared on Oprah Winfrey, who asked him about his relationship with Driver, who co-starred in the film. Damon famously told Oprah that he and Minnie Driver were no longer together, but Driver later claimed that she had no idea they had broken up. The blog Twoop further tracks the episode to 1998, when both Matt Damon and Minnie Driver received the ShoWest Awards for Best Male Star and Best Female Star of Tomorrow and had to stand next to each other on stage. Today, the incident seems more like a rumor, but it still makes our list for a hilarious break-up story
  5. Jude Law and Sienna Miller: It didn’t seem fair that two such good looking people could be so blissfully happy as Jude Law and Sienna Miller. The two British actors had been dating since 2004, when they met on the set of their movie Alfie. Miller quickly became known as a budding actress and style icon as she attended parties and events with Jude Law, and the couple was engaged at Christmas of the same year. In 2005, "the nanny" story broke, and Law admitted to cheating on his fiancee with his children’s nanny — who was hired by Law’s ex-wife Sadie Frost — several times. Miller, 23, broke off the engagement and surrounded herself with protective family members and friends. The media and the public quickly sided with Miller, who was often seen in tears running to and from her London stage production of As You Like It. Rumors about the couple making up circulated for a while, but eventually fizzled out.
  6. Kate Moss and Pete Doherty: Supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss and bad boy rocker Pete Doherty stuck together through countless stays in rehab, a cocaine scandal, street fights and even a refusal to meet the Queen. The British couple were on again-off again for several years, and became engaged in 2007 after Doherty pledged to stay clean. Moss had already been working hard on cleaning up her image, but the love sick Doherty wasn’t doing as well. Rumors swirled about Moss’ annoyance with Doherty, and when she ended the relationship for good, Doherty called her "a nasty old rag," before saying that "I love her with all my heart. I like the way she walks and talks. I love her bones. I love her brain."
  7. Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora: Heather Locklear has been a Hollywood bombshell for many years, and has been married to two legendary rock stars: Tommy Lee and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. Locklear and Sambora were married in 1994 and were together for 11 years before Locklear allegedly surprised her husband with divorce papers. After the divorce, Sambora hooked up with Heather’s friend Denise Richards. The story got even more complicated with the reports that Richards actually encouraged Locklear to get a divorce in the first place, leading some to believe that Richards and Sambora had some sort of relationship while he was married to Locklear. The Richards-Sambora relationship eventually ended, sending Sambora back to his ex-wife, begging for a reconciliation. Good luck, buddy.
  8. Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan: What would you do if your football star boyfriend left you for the hottest supermodel in the world…while you were carrying his baby? Actress Bridget Moynahan and Patriots quaterback Tom Brady dated for three years. Brady realized Moynahan was pregnant about the same time that the couple broke up, leading both camps to point accusatory fingers at who was trying to sabotage who. The celebrity blog Gawker reports that Brady’s friends believe Moynahan tried to get pregnant on purpose, while Moynahan’s supporters call Brady "the gross one" for "immediately" starting to date Gisele Bundchen after the news.
  9. Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman: Who could forget Carmen Electra’s and Dennis Rodman’s surprise Las Vegas wedding in 1998? At first, Rodman’s camp reported that Rodman had been tricked into marrying Electra when he was drunk, but he later clarified that he loved Electra and wanted to marry her despite what anyone else said. The two had been dating for less than a year and filed for an annulment just ten days after the Vegas ceremony. Unfortunately for all of us, the publicity surrounding the relationship didn’t end there. In 2005, Rodman published his autobiography I Should Be Dead By Now, in which he wrote that Electra like to use the "N" word during sex. Electra of course denied the allegations, but it was still way too much information for anyone to know.
  10. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey: How cute/nauseating were Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey when they first got married in 2002? While you may not be able to remember any of their songs, most of us can remember Newlyweds, the MTV reality show that chronicled Jessica’s burps and ditzy comments and Nick’s admirable patience. Unfortunately, cuteness does not a marriage make, and the couple split after three years. Rumors had been circulating about Nick’s behavior at a bachelor party and Jessica’s close relationship with her Dukes of Hazzard co-star Johnny Knoxville. While on paper the couple said their break-up was amicable, an intense media frenzy surrounding the divorce recorded several awkward moments as the two ran into each other at public events and began dating other people.

Top 10 Beautiful Celebrity Couples

Isn’t it enough to be ridiculously good looking, rich and famous? To be frank, no, it’s not. You also have to be in a relationship with a ridiculously good looking star. Flaunting that much beauty at movie premieres, sports games, and beach retreats just isn’t fair to the rest of us…but of course, we don’t mind looking. Check out our list of the top 10 (current) beautiful celebrity couples. Which will last longer: their looks or the relationship?

  1. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: Say what you want about the Jennifer Aniston break up, the old relationship to Billy Bob and the nonstop baby business, but Angelina Jolie, 32, and Brad Pitt, 44, are still gorgeous after all these years. What’s the best feature we think they have in common: their lips. And all that goodwill and humanitarian work too, of course.
  2. Jada Pinkett-Smith and Will Smith: The Smiths have been married since New Year’s Eve in 1997, and are often considered to be a solid Hollywood couple. They both acknowledge that it takes a lot of hard work to have a successful marriage, and that they can be attracted to other people. Will has been ranked as one of People Magazine’s Sexiest Men Alive, and Jada is certainly one of our picks for most beautiful women.
  3. Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry: Hardest question ever: who is more beautiful, Halle Berry or Gabriel Aubry? After a string of bad and abusive relationships, Halle Berry has finally been dating someone worth her time. Gabriel Aubry has been with the Oscar-winning actress since early 2006, and in March 2008, the couple welcomed their baby daughter, Nahla. Halle and Gabriel are a more low-key Hollywood couple, despite Halle’s position as a former beauty queen, an Academy Award winner, and one of the most beautiful women in the world. We just can’t wait to see what baby Nahla looks like with parents like these.
  4. Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias: This couple combines the best of Russian and Spanish genetics to make everyone else in the world extremely jealous. Kournikova and Iglesias have been together since 2002, and not much has changed since then. Anna’s still got that beautiful blonde hair, Enrique still makes women around the world scream with his lean physique and pretty boy face. But will they ever get married? People reports that Anna says she will never get married, despite Enrique’s proposals.
  5. Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady: When Victoria’s Secret supermodel started dating Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in late 2006, everyone started speculating about the scandal surrounding his new love just after breaking up with his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan. But all scandals aside, who can deny the beauty of Gisele Bundchen, the Brazilian supermodel and arguably sexiest woman alive, and the all-American features of Tom Brady? It seems like Gisele has even started sharing model tips with her boyfriend, since Tom recently snagged a Stetson campaign.
  6. Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr is a successful runway model and Victoria’s Secret Angel. The young Australian, 25, is known for her bright blue-ish green eyes, dark hair, dimples, and cheery smile. Now, though, she is getting even more attention for her relationship with Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Carribean star Orlando Bloom, whose brooding dark looks mask his supposedly "sweetheart" charms.
  7. Bar Refaeli and Leonardo DiCaprio: On-again, off-again couple Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli model Bar Refaeli actually look kind of similar, when Leo’s clean shaven and has ditched his baseball cap. They both have sandy colored hair, thin but beautiful lips, and piercing, hooded green eyes. Bar evidently doesn’t believe in marriage, so we’ll just have to see how long Leo can hold on.
  8. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: When Demi and Ashton got together, all anyone wanted to talk about was the age difference, and how cool it was that Demi got to snag herself a young, hot stud. But we just couldn’t stop trying to figure out who was more beautiful: Eyes: Ashton ties with Demi; Hair: Ashton ties with Demi: Body: Ashton ties with Demi; Jaw line: Ashton and Demi. It’s no wonder they’re so perfect for each other!
  9. Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem: We all thought that Javier Bardem was weirdly hot with that mushroom hairstyle in No Country for Old Men and as Brother Lorenzo in Goya’s Ghosts. But we have to thank Penelope Cruz for bringing her new man out to the beaches so we could get a real look at what was underneath those costumes. And what do we have to say about Penelope? Only that she’s probably the most stunningly gorgeous creature on the planet. Ever.
  10. Jessica Alba and Cash Warren: Jessica Alba has been ranked as the Sexiest Woman Alive by FHM and has been on the cover of numerous magazines like Playboy, Elle and others. Alba is of Mexican, French and Danish descent and makes men drool with her sexy pout, beautiful brown eyes and smooth skin. Her fiance, Cash Warren, also has seriously beautiful eyes and an adorable smile, so we know that their new baby, expected in the spring or summer of 2008, is going to be gorgeous as well.

27 Ways to Create a Greener, Healthier Sex Life

So you eat organic food and practice conservation in your daily life-but have you ever stopped to think about how your sex life impacts the environment? There are a number of ways you can improve upon your sex life’s impact, and many of them are great for your health as well. Here, we’ve highlighted 27 of the most fun and easy ways to be healthier, sexier, and greener.

Setting the Mood

Getting in the mood doesn’t have to be wasteful-try these strategies for responsible ways to get sexy.

  1. Use bamboo bed sheets: Bamboo sheets, as well as hemp sheets, offer a renewable source for your bedclothes. What’s even better, they offer a silky, slippery feel that’s sure to heighten your senses. They’re not muchmore expensive than traditional cotton sheets, and are widely available from retailers like Bed Bath and Beyond and Target.
  2. Dim the lights: Cut down on energy costs while setting the mood with a little bit of light dimming. It helps add an air of romance, plus, you won’t feels stressed out about the electricity bill.
  3. Take advantage of the temperature: In the winter, let your thermostat go down low and use the coolness as an excuse to warm each other up. You can set a romantic fire and cuddle to keep warm. Don’t let hot weather keep you apart, either. In the summer, cool each other off with ice cubes.
  4. Aphrodisiacs: Check out natural aphrodisiacs, which are said to boost your sexual desire. Some eco-friendly options include organic wine and champagne, or fair trade chocolate.
  5. Create a candle-lit dinner: A candle-lit dinner is a great way to relax and connect with your partner. You can save energy with the lights out, eat organic food even burn eco-friendly soy candles.
  6. Shower together: Save water by showering with a friend. Although extended shower play sessions tend to waste water, you can have responsible shower fun with a quickie and a low-flow shower head or aerator.
  7. Turn off the lights: Take things a step further by turning off your lights to add an element of mystery. You can even use blackout curtains to play completely in the dark.
  8. Use sustainable candles: If you’re lighting candles to set the mood, make sure they’re soy or another sustainable source.
  9. Use organic massage oils: Make massaging healthier by using organic massage oils. At the very least, stay away from petroleum derivatives and avoid lubes that have artificial colors, scents, or tastes.
  10. Wear green lingerie: Eco-friendly lingerie can be very attractive. There’s a wide variety of sexy, eco-friendly lingerie made from organic cotton and bamboo.
  11. Watch eco-porn: Yes, such a thing actually exists. This porn site donates profits to green causes.

Birth Control

Birth control products are necessary for many, but can often be wasteful. Try these tips to reduce your impact.

  1. Use it: Having an unplanned child is considered by many to be a waste of resources, so don’t contribute to our world’s swelling population unless it’s your intent.
  2. Use a diaphragm: Diaphragms are a time-tested method of birth control that’s trusted by many women and medical professionals. They’re a very effective method of birth control, and even better, they’re reusable, so there’s minimal waste.
  3. Get an IUD: Just like the diaphragm, an IUD is an extremely low-waste method of birth control. It’s non-hormonal, and safe for just about every woman. The IUD uses a copper reaction to prevent pregnancy.
  4. Sterilization: If you’re serious about never having kids, consider sterilization so you won’t need to use birth control anymore. Methods like tubal ligation and vasectomy are incredibly low impact ways to avoid pregnancy.
  5. Use a latex condom: Although latex condoms create waste, they are a better choice than polyurethane because while latex is biodegradable, polyurethane definitely is not.
  6. Consider vegan condoms: If you’re vegan, you can avoid animal derivatives in your condom by using some made specifically for vegans.
  7. Take the birth control pill: If you have a steady partner and you’re both free of STDs, you can eliminate condom waste by taking the pill. Although some worry about the effects pharmaceuticals like the birth control pill have in our water supply, experts generally agree that these levels are not high enough to effect healthy people.
  8. Dispose of condoms properly: Don’t flush condoms-they can clog your plumbing or stay in the water and end up in the ocean.

The Goods

Sex is fun on its own, but if you’re going to bring in props, do it the responsible way.

  1. DIY: Save money and manufacturing waste by making sex toys on your own. Get creative with fruits and vegetables and other household objects, but always be sure to use a condom.
  2. Never use sex toys with phthalates: These include "jelly" and "cyberskin" toys. Studies suggest that exposure to phthalates can cause cancer and damage to the reproductive system, so it’s best to steer clear. They’re also bad for the environment. Use silicone, metal or glass as safer, recyclable alternatives.
  3. Consider solar-powered or rechargeable toys: Avoid using batteries for your sex toys, and get some that can be charged over and over again. These are also great for sexy camping trips.
  4. Buy for durability: Sex toys and lingerie that are well made will last longer and you won’t create waste by disposing of them to buy a new one. Also consider repairing them if possible.
  5. Stay away from vinyl: PVC, found in vinyl, is an unsafe substance, and should be avoided whenever possible. Consider using leather or faux-leather.
  6. Use smart balls: Smart balls are made of a hygenically safe material that’s free of phtalates and non, porous, so they’re safe for regular use. They’re essentially two balls with smaller metal balls inside that vibrate whenever you move. Smart balls are recommended by midwives for their PC muscle benefit as well as stimulation.
  7. Recycle your toys: Once you’re done with your sex toys, don’t just throw them away. Dispose of them properly, or even better, recycle them.
  8. Use a safe lube: Carefully consider what chemicals lurk in the lube you’re using. Always make sure you’re pairing the right type of lube with the right toy or function, and check out the ingredients list.

50 Best Relationship Resources and Sites for Military Couples

Besides traditional issues with love, sex, parenting, long distance relationships and break-ups, military couples have their own unique struggles to face each day. Long deployments, readjustment problems, life abroad and on base, lonely pregnancies and complicated divorces can make even routine communication seem like hard work. To give you and your partner some much needed support, we’ve generated this list of 50 relationships resources and websites. Turn to these sites whenever you need a boost or some real-life advice.

Relocating and Base Life

For tips on adjusting to a major move or dealing with deployment, check out these websites and articles.

  1. Moving: Moving to a new country or city can be a strain on couples, especially if one of the spouses has to be relocated because of military service. Turn to this guide for advice and support.
  2. Making a Move: Get more tips for preparing for a PCS from this page.
  3. How to Inform Your Spouse that you do not Want to Attend a Military Heart Link Class: If you’re not enthusiastic about attending a military heart link class for couples counseling and advice, use this guide to address the subject.
  4. Should You Stay or Go?: Deciding whether or not to follow your spouse to a new country can mean evaluating your entire relationship. This articles walks you through the process.
  5. Managing Deployment: Learn about the experiences of other military families preparing to say goodbye to their loved ones in this guide.
  6. Deployment and Marriage — Impact and Coping Tips: This site has tips for maintaining a long distance marriage, coping with separation during multiple deployments and more.
  7. Military Wives’ 21 Best Tips for Dealing with a Spouse’s Deployment: Tips like "keep busy," "call on your friends," "remember your promise," and "keep your routine" will help you through the separation.

Family Support

New parents and pregnant wives and girlfriends can get support online anytime thanks to these resources.

  1. New Parent Support: This guide has resources for military couples who are also new parents.
  2. Family Support: Find emotional and practical support for everything from stressed out kids to keeping a positive attitude to understanding your benefits.
  3. VAJoe Exclusive Military Spouse and Family Section: Comment on forums like "Military Marriage and Relationships" and "Military Marital & Relationship Difficulties" to find support whenever you need it.
  4. Ideas for Deployment Pregnancies: This guide has tips for moms and dads who want to stay close during a pregnancy, even during a deployment.

Dating and Getting Married

What’s it really like to date a soldier or serviceman or woman? These sites provide lots of tips for starting a relationship with someone in the military and deciding whether or not to marry a soldier.

  1. Getting Married: This article questions if getting married is the thing to do "before or after joining the military."
  2. Military Dating and Finding Your True Love in Uniform: This article discusses military dating sites that connect you to servicemen in the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army and Coast Guard.
  3. Military Weddings and Honeymoons: Questions about getting married on base, military formal weddings, time off and more in this article.
  4. Married to the Military: 20 Ways to Make it Work: If you’re unsure about taking your relationship with a military serviceman or women to the next level, read this article for tips on making a military marriage last.
  5. Should I Marry a Soldier?: Marrying a soldier comes with a lot of sacrifice and stress. Learn about the real-life issues you can expect to confront if you marry into the military.
  6. Valentine’s Day Love for Soldiers, Veterans and Other Warriors: Celebrating Valentine’s Day when your other half is on duty can be tough. Here are some ways to make the holiday special anyway.

Dual Military Couples

Relationships in which both members are in the military need constant nurturing and support. Get help for finding time to communicate and spend time with each other here.

  1. Married Military Couples: Read first-hand accounts of real-life military couples to see how they cope with their schedules and anxieties.
  2. Married to the Military: Get advice on dealing with long separations, learning from each other and raising a family.
  3. For Better or Worse: How a Dual-Military Couple Manages Their Personal and Professional Life: Learn how this dual military couple keeps it together despite separation, grueling training and schedules, and other obstacles.

Life at Home

From readjustment counseling to life as a lonely army wife, these articles and resources focus on how to military couples and spouses deal with their relationships at home.

  1. Readjustment Counseling: This site is for soldiers who are returning home from combat and who want help readjusting to their civilian relationships and family life.
  2. My Married Yet Strangely Single Life as an Army Wife: In this article, an army wife discusses the six Fs that "keep [her] going:" faith, family, friends, future, funny bones and fitness.
  3. Domestic Abuse: This page on the Military Homefront website features a hotline for domestic abuse, as well as military-specific benefits for victims of domestic abuse.
  4. Strong Bonds and Better Relationships: This article follows the story of a real-life couple that encountered problems reuniting after a tour of duty in Iraq.
  5. Your Beloved Soldier is Coming Home – Now What?: After the excitement settles over expecting the return of your military spouse, you need to address issues like post-war trauma, guilt, depression, an older child and more.
  6. Homecoming Tips for Military Couples: Tips like "accept that your partner may be different" and "tone down your fantasies" are helpful tips for excited couples.
  7. Separated by War: This article tracks four couples and their struggles with separation during the Iraq war.
  8. Military Spouse Support: If you want some personalized advice for coping with separation or any other military relationship problem, e-mail the Hooah Wife and Friends blog here.
  9. Julie Anna Infantry Wife: Read about Julie Anna’s attempts to find meaning and energy in her home life while her husband is away in the Army.

Divorce, Abuse and Other Issues

Unfortunately, military couples sometimes experience abuse, divorce and infidelity. Discover ways to cope with these issues in this list.

  1. Military and Divorce: Refer to this site for help identifying triggers that can result in divorce in military couples and for resources for hiring an attorney, getting benefits and more.
  2. Family Advocacy: Learn how to prevent and deal with spousal and child abuse in your military family here.
  3. Divorce Tips for Military Couples: This guide helps military couples get through a divorce amicably and responsibly.
  4. Military Divorce and Separation Issues: This site provides links to military divorce prevention, divorce FAQs, divorce-related legal issues by state, and more.
  5. Adultery in the Military: This website decodes adultery in the military, including legal issues and specific cases.
  6. Military Spouses and Divorce: This article features "five tips for military spouses who may be thinking about divorce."
  7. When Love is a Battlefield: Military couples going through a divorce can turn to this guide for financial and familial advice.

Long Distance Relationships

Military couples know that their long distance relationships are a lot harder to maintain than traditional long distance loves. These articles and sites are full of advice, though, for your specific questions and situations.

  1. How to Get Close When You are Far Apart: Tips like not relying on e-mail and making plans together despite your distance can help ease the separation.
  2. Infidelity on the Homefront: Read the advice given to a young military wife having trouble staying loyal to her army husband.
  3. Long Distance Relationships and the Military: This author suggests setting up a regular schedule for communicating, making use of technology and keeping a journal to cope with a long distance military relationship.
  4. Military Wife Tips: Keeping Any Long Distance Relationship Alive: This detailed article is designed to give support to military couples who spend a lot of time apart.
  5. Long Distance Relationships: Check out this page of resources for couples in LDRs, or long distance relationships.

Miscellaneous Resources

From online radio stations to hotline information to tried and true relationship tips, this list features even more resources to help you along.

  1. Military OneSource: This support center has a 24/7 hotline and an entire section devoted to parenting and relationships advice for military couples.
  2. CincHouse.com: This "community of military wives and women in uniform" includes great articles for nurturing relationships and family life.
  3. Army Wife Talk Radio: This clever website and online radio includes family and relationship advice and tips.
  4. Military Couples Fight to Preserve Home Front: This news article also provides links and advice for military couples who have to deal with separation, uncertainty, infidelity, and financial issues.
  5. Military Spouse Talk Radio: Turn to this online radio show for stories, advice, and more support.
  6. Spouse Buzz: This site is "where military spouses connect" to talk about communication, marriage, deployment and more.
  7. Loving a Marine: This post includes poems and stories about Marine wives and their struggles.
  8. Goodbye Always Seems to be the Hardest Word: Get tips on saying goodbye to your other half when he or she leaves on a mission.
  9. Military Relationships: Keeping it Together: This how-to guide has plenty of "tips and ideas for keeping it together," including Internet rendezvous, surprise phone calls and more.

Team Effort: 50 Tips and Resources for Couples Losing Weight Together

By Vanessa Jones

Being in a healthy relationship means relying on each other for help, and one great way to offer help to each other is through collaborative weight loss. By working together, you and your loved one can motivate each other to do better than you would have if you’d gone it alone. Here, we’ll offer a few tips and resources for taking the weight off together. Tips Follow these tips for a successful weight loss partnership.

  1. Reward yourself: Every time one of you hits a goal, reward yourselves together.
  2. Split restaurant meals: If you like to dine out together, cut your calories in half by splitting meals.
  3. Put away your large plates: When eating at home, use only your small salad plates to cut down on too-big portions.
  4. Make exercise a habit: Couples have habits that form when together-make exercise one of them, and you’ll help each other stay on track.
  5. Don’t make dining a date: Do something else instead of going out to eat all the time, like walks or board games.
  6. Play games together: Play fun games together, like basketball, racquetball, or even frisbee.
  7. Agree on a diet: If you’re eating together, it’s important that you decide on a diet that’s healthy for the both of you.
  8. Have sex: Sex offers great exercise, lots of fun, and even motivation to look better.
  9. Be considerate: If one of you can eat pizza and the other can’t, don’t torture each other.
  10. Don’t criticize each others’ diet: Hovering will do no good, unless you’ve both agreed you want that sort of oversight.
  11. Consider your motivation: Remember that losing weight is part of a plan to stay healthy and be around for each other for a long time.
  12. Focus on health over weight: Don’t make your weight loss all about weight-think of it in terms of health instead, and you’ll have better motivation.
  13. Encourage each other: Tell your significant other if they look better in jeans, and they’ll appreciate the support.
  14. Take photos: It’s hard to see weight loss when you’re together every day, so use photos to see how well you’ve progressed.
  15. Create new traditions: Replace birthday cakes with healthier options, and go to farmer’s markets instead of out to brunch.
  16. Don’t compare weight loss: Men often lose weight faster, so be careful about putting your weight loss achievements head to head.
  17. Start a garden: Gardens offer activity, a focus on healthy food, and better yet, it’s hard to eat junk when you know how delicious your own produce is.
  18. Stock your fridge with ready-to-eat produce: Slice up some vegetables and keep baby carrots handy so that it’s really easy to eat vegetables for a quick snack.
  19. Don’t eat on par with each other: Your nutritional needs are different, so don’t eat the same way.
  20. Cook for each other: Make dinner more fun by cooking healthy meals for each other.
  21. Plan vacations around activities: Instead of planning vacations around food, shift the focus to activities like walking tours, swimming, and sports.
  22. Join a league together: Have some competitive fun in an adult softball, bowling, or soccer league.

Tools Put these tools to work and make losing weight together easier.

  1. PeerTrainer: Stay accountable and support each other using this online resource.
  2. FitDay: Use FitDay to track your nutrition, activity, and weight loss in one handy tool.
  3. Activity Calorie Calculator: Use this calculator to find out how much you’ve burned based on your weight, activity, and duration.
  4. CyberDiet Meal Plans: Plan your meals together online with CyberDiet’s 12-week meal plans.
  5. BMI Calculator: Find out what your respective health risks are, and about how much you both need to lose with this calculator.
  6. Wii: Use the Wii console to play fun, active games together.
  7. BuddySlim: Track your weight loss experience together and with your friends using this web-based tool.
  8. Nutrient Data Laboratory: Use this database to learn how nutritious the foods you both eat really are.
  9. Calorie Needs Calculator: Find out just how many calories your bodies require with this calculator.
  10. Food Diary: Use this food diary to keep track of what you’re both eating.
  11. Target Heart Rate Calculator: Find out what rate each of you should be aiming for.

Articles Check out these articles to get more information and tips on losing weight as a couple.

  1. Expert advice: Couples diet better together: This article discusses how combined weight loss works through constant support.
  2. Help Her Lose Weight: Men, here you’ll find advice for navigating the dangerous waters of weight loss with a woman.
  3. How to Tell Your Spouse to Lose Weight: Learn how to carefully bring up the subject of weight loss so that you can start your journey together.
  4. The Buddy System: Check out this article to see how you can encourage each other to lose weight.
  5. Couples Dealing With Weight Loss Together: Dr. Abramson discusses sabatoge, motivation and more.
  6. How to Help Your Family Lose Weight: This guide turns weight loss into a family affair.
  7. Partner Up: Lose Weight with Your Spouse: Learn how to use your built-in support structure to lose weight together.
  8. Living Together Helps Him Lose Weight While She Gains: This article discusses the phenomenon of weight gain women experience in a relationship.
  9. Buddy system could hold key to keeping fitness resolutions: Learn why using a partner to help you with weight loss is important.
  10. 11 Ways to Help Your Partner Lose Weight: Get tips for being supportive of your spouse’s weight loss.
  11. Diet Overkill: 25 of the Most Ridiculous (and Ineffective) Popular Diets: Steer clear of the frivilous diets featured in this article.
  12. Weight Loss for Couples: Learn about grocery shopping, exercising, and more together.

Books These books offer detailed information on weight loss between couples.

  1. She Loses, He Loses: Check out this guide to learn how couples can work together to lose weight.
  2. The Town That Lost a Ton: Find out how this town used the buddy system to lose weight, and how you can use the same method to lose weight with your partner.
  3. Your Diet Is Driving Me Crazy: This book will help you deal with food conflicts together.
  4. The F.A.S.T. Diet: This book believes that families can lose weight together, and tells you how to do it.
  5. How We Lost Our First 100 Pounds Together: Romantic Weight Loss for Couples: Learn how this couple lost weight together, and strengthened their relationship at the same time.

27 Natural Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive

A failing sex drive can be frustrating, but there are a number of things that you can do to make it better. Some of these sure-fire methods include exercising, eating well, and being healthier in general. Here, we’ve listed these and many other easy and natural ways to get your spark back. Emotional If your mind is not open to sex, your body just won’t follow. Try these strategies for effective ways to help get in the mood.

  1. Build self-confidence: Improve your interest in sex by feeling good about yourself.
  2. Rid yourself of stress: Stress will weaken your libido, as worry keeps your mind off of sex and on other things. Try relaxing with a warm bath or a good book.
  3. Don’t get caught up in fights: Resolve problems with your partner so that they don’t lead to withdrawal in the bedroom.
  4. Get your imagination going: Read a steamy novel or watch porn to get your mind’s eye thinking about sex.
  5. Change your attitude about sex: Don’t think about sex as a chore. Rather, regard it as a fun, pleasurable activity with someone you love.

Physical Take these physical steps to make your body more receptive to sex.

  1. Be attractive: Even if you’re not naturally beautiful, there are a number of things you can do to make yourself feel more attractive. Whether that means a spa day or a new outfit, do whatever it takes to feel good about yourself.
  2. Stretch: Stretching offers a low-impact way to improve your blood flow and relax.
  3. Exercise: Work the muscles that you need for good sex, and you’ll both improve blood flow and feel good about yourself.
  4. Get a massage: Massages can release the tension in your body and increase your blood flow, which is good for sexual arousal.
  5. Try yoga: Certain yoga positions will help improve circulation to your sexual organs and increase desire.
  6. Lose weight: Excessive weight can have an effect on your self-esteem and make you feel less attractive. It’s also possible that being overweight can interfere with blood flow to your sexual organs, so shed a few pounds to help your libido.

Habits Your libido is an ongoing entity, and it’s affected by everything that you do. Try these methods, and consider how you can improve your sex drive with habits from your daily life.

  1. Quit smoking: Smoking has an adverse effect on blood flow, as it causes a narrowing of blood vessels, including those in sexual organs. Additionally, smoking steals your energy and gives you bad breath.
  2. Smell good: Your sense of smell can boost your libido. Some scents in particular, like buttered popcorn and baby powder, have been found to turn men and women on.
  3. Get a good night’s rest: If you’re tired, chances are you’re not going to be in the mood. So sleep well at night and rest up for good health and good sex.
  4. Drink in moderation: Alcohol may increase desire initially, but can lead to impotence and general unattractiveness if you go too far.
  5. Touch each other constantly: Touching your partner, whether it’s sexual or not, can help arouse sexual feelings. This can be as simple as holding hands or hugging on a regular basis.

Food Beyond daily habits, the things you eat can have an effect on your libido. Check out these foods to improve your desire for sex.

  1. Eat aphrodisiacs: Some foods are just great for getting you in the mood. Oysters in particular are good to eat, as they’re full of fertility-boosting zinc.
  2. Avoid simple carbs: Carbohydrate dishes are likely to have you heading to bed for sleep instead of sex, so avoid pasta, pizza and other snooze-inducing meals.
  3. Eat protein: Protein will give you an energy boost that will have you feeling good and ready for sex.
  4. Eat fish: Fish is not only high in protein, it has Omega-3 fatty acids as well, and these acids are wonderful for improving your circulation and sexual health.
  5. Cut down on saturated fat: Men should be careful to avoid eating too much saturated fat, as it can clog arteries and block adequate flow to your penis. One doctor says that a good guideline to keep in mind is, "anything that’s good for your heart is good for your penis."

Health Your overall health has a profound effect on your sex drive, so speak to your doctor about these issues.

  1. Look into your hormones: Speak with your doctor about your low libido. Sometimes, the problem lies in a hormone imbalance.
  2. Consider quitting antidepressants: Many antidepressant medications can have a negative effect on your sex drive, so discuss discontinuation of your prescription or consider alternatives.
  3. Keep diabetes in check: Uncontrolled diabetes can be responsible for sexual evils like erectile dysfunction and decreased sexual response, so be sure to take care of it.
  4. Look into adrenal fatigue: Your failing libido could be brought on by a condition called adrenal fatigue. Speak with your doctor to see if you have this condition.

Remedies Finally, you can supplement the actions you’re taking to improve your sex life with these herbal remedies that are believed to help.

  1. Gingko biloba: This remedy has been shown to improve blood flow to both your brain and sexual organs. It’s also believed to offer an improvement on desire, arousal, and orgasm.
  2. Yohimbe: This "natural Viagra" has been used in Africa as an aphrodisiac for many years. It’s believed to improve male impotence.

The Top 50 Reasons Why Hot Girls Date Douchebags

What is it about hot girls and douchebags that just doesn’t make any sense? We’ve all seen it, yet it still amazes most people that nice guys finish last and the jerk gets the girl. Here, we’ll attempt to explain this phenomenon.

  1. They want an easy out: If you’re dating a jerk, no one is going to think you’re crazy for wanting to dump him once you’re tired of him.
  2. They weren’t douchebags to begin with: Some douchebags are created once they start dating a hottie and think they can get away with it.
  3. Douchebags are more passionate: Some girls date jerks because "safe" guys are more mild.
  4. Douchebags are fun to complain about: We’ve all met her-the girl who loves drama. And dating a douchebag is sure to bring attention-inducing drama.
  5. They don’t know what they want: Some girls date jerks because they just don’t know what they’re looking for.
  6. Affection from a douchebag means more: If a guy is a total jerk 90% of the time, the 10% that he’s nice means a lot more, which will keep girls hanging on.
  7. They have low expectations: Hot girls know that the majority of guys out there are douchebags, so until they’re ready to settle down, they are happy to play around with jerks for a while.
  8. They’re on the rebound: A girl on the rebound is often looking for a man who is shallow and offers low maintenance attention, which douchebags are happy to deliver on.
  9. Douchebags are more attractive: The douchebags who are attractive know they’re attractive, and realize that they can get away with being a jerk.
  10. Women like mystery: Douchebags, with their spotty affection, offer a certain degree of mystery that girls love.
  11. They’re douchebags, too: Girls can be douchebags, too, and douchebag girls tend to like douchebag guys.
  12. They think all men are douchebags: Some girls just don’t realize that there are guys out there who aren’t complete jerks.
  13. Jerks are big and important, didn’t you know?: Plenty of douchebags are sports players, rich doctors, and other "important people" who usually get a free pass to be a douchebag and get the ladies.
  14. They don’t realize they’re hot: Some hot girls don’t realize that they’re hot enough to never have to date a douchebag.
  15. They’re too young to know better: Girls new in the dating game may not understand that douchebags are to be avoided.
  16. They just want sex: Some girls are just looking for a physical relationship, which most douchebags are more than happy to provide.
  17. They like the chase: "Nice" guys tend to give girls lots of attention, but douchebags give girls the elusive chase that they want.
  18. Douchebags are honest about being douchebags: Honesty about going for what you want is a sign of strength for many women.
  19. Douchebags are always on the hunt: Douchebags, unlike nice guys, are always trying to score a new hottie, which means they’ll have a better chance of finding one.
  20. They’re afraid to be alone: Some girls are so afraid to be alone, they’ll date anyone, even a jerk.
  21. Nice guys suffocate hot girls: Some hotties stay away from nice guys because once they get their hands on one, they’ll never have a free moment away from him.
  22. Nice guys are too shy to say something: Often, nice guys take a more passive approach to dating, which means girls may not even know they’re being pursued.
  23. Douchebags are persistent: Douches, on the other hand, are much more forward, making girls aware of their attraction.
  24. They don’t know they’re dating douchebags: Some girls truly have no idea that the guy they’re dating is a jerk.
  25. They don’t want surprises: Douchebags, among other things, are incredibly consistent and easy to predict.
  26. Douchebags command attention: Girls notice douchebags because they’re more likely to seek out attention.
  27. Peer pressure: Nice guys and hot girls are often just in a different social class.
  28. They’re rebelling: When a hot girl breaks up with her "nice guy," she’s probably going to want to find the exact opposite of him-a douchebag.
  29. They don’t want to become emotionally attached: With a douchebag, a girl can be assured that she doesn’t have to worry about getting too emotionally intertwined.
  30. Douchebags are powerful: Often, douchebags are powerful people in their regular lives, which is generally a turn-on for girls.
  31. They want a challenge: Some girls like to think they can be the one to turn a douchebag into a nice guy.
  32. They want what they can’t have: Girls often like to pursue relationships with men that they know will never commit.
  33. They like to be treated like crap: Some girls have such low self-respect that they expect to get bad treatment from a guy.
  34. Nice guys don’t offer a spark: Douchebags often offer a chemistry that "nice guys" can’t.
  35. They don’t want to feel bad for being a douche, too: When you’re dating a douchebag, there’s less pressure to be a nice girlfriend.
  36. They come from an abusive home: Some girls come from an abusive background and just date what they’re used to.
  37. They love confidence: Douchebags are confident, and women like that.
  38. They’re lonely: Lonely girls would rather date a douchebag than no one at all.
  39. They like bad boys: Bad boys are exciting, and girls will date them even if they’re jerks.
  40. Jerks are well connected: Whether they’re in a frat or exclusive social circle, douchebags are often well-connected to the ladies.
  41. They want to be dominated: Some girls like domination, a quality that most douchebags offer.
  42. Other hot girls date them: When one hot girl dates a douchebag, other hot girls think that he’s dateable, too.
  43. Girls like danger: Again, bad boys and danger are exciting, and girls like that.
  44. Douchebags have money: Douchebags often have wealth, or at least wealthy parents, which is very attractive to some girls.
  45. They’re bored: A little drama from a douchebag is sure to cure boredom for most girls.
  46. They can smell nice guys’ desperation: Hot girls often stay away from "nice guys" because they start to get too clingy.
  47. They have low self confidence: Some girls don’t think they can do any better than a douchebag.
  48. They have something to prove: Some girls will take on a douchebag as a challenge to show others she can make him a nicer man.
  49. They’re into status: Hot girls are wooed by the douchebag’s nice car, cool job, and appearance of wealth.
  50. Life sucks: Perhaps the simplest way to explain the hot girl-douchebag phenomenon is to say that life isn’t fair, buddy.

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